Do You Avert Your Eyes And Look The Other Way? 

By Ange Fonce

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” ~ William Wilberforce

When there is a car crash on the side of the road... you cannot help it... despite your best efforts... you look at the accident... sometimes even slow down to get a really good look.


To remind yourself it is not you... and to reassure yourself it is not someone you know... it has happened to someone else...  phew!

Rubber necking or gawking is your way of "reassuring" yourself... you are okay... it is better to happen to them then you... often though you do “precisely the opposite” when it comes to the “apparently unfixable situations”... to the “enormity of horrible events”... to “tragedies”... and “enormity” does not have to mean "extra enormous"... it refers to the “emptiness of something” so “horrible" and "large” you have trouble "comprehending it"... and are "overwhelmed" both “emotionally" and "mentally”... you "deny it" and "shut it out."

A magazine produces a cover that you cannot bear... so you do not buy that issue... you do not see the billboard depicting misery of other people...  the horrific disease that appears incurable... so you do not talk about it... it is easier to talk about the little stuff... keep it small... or gloss things over and “deny the  reality”... that it is not part of your "illusion" of the world. 

You also do it with “science”... to “facts about the world” around us... if it does not fit your “beliefs” and "assumptions"... it does not exist.

There is a long history of human “denialism”... of defending the “status quo” and “ignoring” what others become “aware off”... when it does not fit in with the "belief systems" or common held "assumptions"... like two balls of different weights and sizes fall at the same speed in a vacuum... that the Earth rotates around the Sun... that the Earth is a  sphere and not flat... that the Earth is billions of years old... that Humans have walked on the Moon... that there is not one shred off “evidence” that an entity called God exists outside of the "illusion of beliefs” created by human imagination.

The denials all sound the same... they do not come from stupidity or from people who are not smart enough to “understand” what is going on... they come from people who will "not look"... and “question deeper” to “know” and “understand” what is REAL or just a “illusion?”

Why deny? 

It is an easy way to “avert your eyes” and "look the other way" to keep your “illusion” intact.

There are 2 "related reasons"... both internal and external... to "avert your eyes" and "look the other way."

First... The External Reason Is “Affiliation”... 

What happens to your “personal standing” when you dare to "question" and "test" the accepted "status quo"... what will you tell your neighbours if you are wrong?" 

What are the "risks" to doing "your own research”... your own "questioning" to find and review credible “evidence based knowledge” instead of “assumption” and “beliefs”...  to putting an “evidence based theory” forward and being prepared to have your theory “tested” for your theories "correctness" and have it "confirmed" or maybe have it proven “incorrect?” 

When “adherence” to the “status quo” of your “beliefs” and "assumptions" of your “organisational creed” or your “social standing” looms large... it is often far easier to just “look the other way”... remain “silent” or to “feign ignorance” or call yourself a “sceptic” so you can “cop out” and remain “safe.” 

Please Note... all “good scientists” are actually “healthy sceptics”... that is how they build “credible careers”… the “difference” is that the “sceptical scientist”... asks the “questions” to “learn”... to “know” and to “understand”... they do the “work” to gather the “evidence” to prove to their peers... that he or she has  has an “evidence based theory” to put forward that will either be “proven” to be “correct” or not... and will “acknowledge” when their theory is proven to be "not correct" by their peers... and will be "acknowledged" by their peers when their theory is PROVEN to be "correct"... by being supported by "provable evidence!"  

There is more “data" available to more people than ever before... and the prize for using “statistics” and “evidence based practice” to “contradict” the “status quo” is HUGE... if a “belief”... an “idea”... a “theory” does not sit right with you... “look closer”... not away... do the “science”... dig deeper... ask “questions”... look for the “provable evidence”... seek “knowing” and “understanding”... be “objective” and not “subjective”... and be open to “acknowledging” when your "beliefs"... "ideas” and “theories” are not correct.

Learning is always a "dynamic evolving process" of LEARNING!

Second... The Internal Reason Is Fear... 

The fear is of having to “re sort” what you “believed” and “assumed” to be “true”... that your “illusion” was not “correct” and was built on “false premises” and “false information.” 

Of feeling far too small in a universe that is just too big... instead of realising... that you can be as BIG as you want to be! 

Most of all... of “engaging” in a never ending cycle of “beliefs” and “assumptions” and “never testing” what is “actually provably true?”

To “live” with the world as you “personally develop yourself”... and that life is always a little shaky under your feet as you live with a cycle of “personal development” that "challenges you"... as you become more AWARE to what is REAL!

And that is a BIG FEAR in it self... because that means “testing yourself"... asking "questions" of you to “find out” just how much of you is “authentic” and just how much of you is a “lie”... an “illusion” created by other people for you to “live” by... “testing” yourself to become “personally aware” of your “own truth”... is a very “challenging journey” of facing and "transforming" the many "fears" of your "beliefs" and "assumptions."

Part of being your very best “dynamic self” is having the “guts” to not “avert your eyes” and to “look the other way”... it is having the “courage” to look closely and deeply at what scares you... to "question"... what "exactly" are you "believing" in... just "how true" are your "assumptions?"

And to “know” and “understand” what disappoints you... what threatens you... by “looking closely”... asking "questions” and “digging deeper” past your “beliefs” and “assumptions”... you “create” the “opportunity” to make “real transformation” happen... and to “evolve” to TRUST and LIVE your own DYNAMIC TRUTH!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth! 


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