Do It Daily Remind Yourself Of Your Why? 

By Ange Fonce

There is a fundamental difference between the things you do every day... every single day... and the things you do only when you "feel" like it.

One difference is that once you have committed to doing something daily... and you KNOW your WHY... you find that it is your "motivation" that moves you ever day.

Rather than having a daily debate about... "what do I do next?"

Once you decide you will do something... and you KNOW why you are doing it... you will then decide every single day "how" to do it.


And then again.

If you keep reminding yourself of your WHY... all the way to the end of the thread... completing your "projects"... acquiring your "goal." 

You come to "understand"... how it is... that this is the way you do things... and then you realize that you will come out ahead... when you care enough to "make it" happen.

So what is your WHY?

Important decisions carry risk and can unnerve and distract you.

One instinct is to delay... merely because doing something risky and distracting yourself with... "I will do it later"... is better than doing it NOW. 

That is the wrong strategy.

You decide the moment that new information relevant to the decision you are making... is more expensive to obtain then taking "action" now... than the cost... the inaction and the anxiety of waiting.

That delay... that "inaction"... could cost you a lot of money... pain and suffering... and waste your time.

Your hesitation might cost you the "right person" you have found... the "best opportunity" that presents itself... the "moment" that is "right now." 

And going three more months without a great person on board... or the best opportunity... can be way more expensive... in "time and resources"... than waiting for everything to be "perfect."

Make high leverage decisions early... and profit from your ability to take advantage of commitments when others are still in limbo... waiting for everything to be "perfect."

Taking action NOW... because you KNOW your WHY... is often the "difference" between CREATING... and enjoying great "success"... or suffering abject failure.

Not everything in life can be "risk assessed"... for health and safety.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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