DEADLY MISTAKES You Make That Kills Attraction Part 2 

By Ange Fonce

Carrying on from the previous article about "attraction killers"... I want to continue to help you get back to the basics and concentrate on helping you improve your "conversations."

And lets face it... if you want to "create attraction"... you must possess the ability to "talk" and "communicate."
You can know all the "secret attraction building techniques" in the world... yet if you cannot "carry" a simple conversation... YOU GET NO WHERE fast. 
And in this continuing on from the previous article I want to concentrate on the "exact ways" you are "killing" your conversations... probably without realizing it.
Mistake 6... Breaking the 90/10 Rule When Starting a Conversation...
Have you ever noticed that most conversations do not pick up the tempo until about 5... 10 minutes in?
This is because when you start talking to someone new... especially somebody you do not know yet... they are going to be just as cold inside their heads as you were before you psyche yourself up... making yourself ready to start that conversation.
A conversation needs time to build "conversation momentum."
The problem most men and women face is that do not ever give their conversations a chance to build that "momentum" and most men and women force this "conversation flow" too quickly... and because of this the "opposite effect" happens... and their conversations just "stall out." 
Well you have to be prepared to carry the conversation in the first 5 or so minutes... to carry the conversation by providing 90 or even sometimes 100 percent of all the "conversation content" until they get warmed up a little bit.
How do you do that?
Keep talking! 
Well the rule is very simple... just keep talking. 
By taking control of the conversation right from the beginning... you allow them time to "warm up" and shift their brain from "receive mode" rather than "give mode."
Mistake 7... Not Recognizing the Signals a Man or Woman is Giving You...
You have to recognize the signals that a man or women are giving to you so you know whether you have got the right kind of "emotional intensity" the right energy and whether the "topics" you are talking about are actually even "appropriate" for this point in the conversation.
How do you do that?
Well... you use all "your senses"... your "eyes" and your "ears" are your biggest assets... your best friends... you have to watch their "non verbal reactions" and learn to be able to "read" them.
You have a good sense of when you are boring them and when they are excited and how they are reacting to you... you just have to make sure you pay "attention" to their "verbal" and especially their "non verbal" communication to you.
The rule of thumb is when you first start a conversation with someone or with a group of people you want to have a little bit more "energy" than that group had before you came in.
If you get to "recognize" where they are at in terms of their "energy level"... their "enthusiasm"... their "excitement"... and "how" their "neurology" is wired and lit up... and you can pitch your "own energy level" to be just slightly above that... you will be sure to be a success wherever you go because you will not be too much and you will not be too little.
Mistake 8... Not Assuming Rapport Right From the Beginning...
For the longest time I could never understand why it took so long for me to develop "rapport" especially with women... while my more expert friends seem to jump right into it... and then it hit me... I was waiting for "rapport" to happen naturally... they were assuming it.
When you are talking to a man or woman... even if it is your first time talking to them... talk to them in the same laid back way you would talk to an old friend.
Most men and women do the complete opposite... they talk to the other person in a "stiff formal" way reserved for strangers.... and this just makes it more apparent to them that they are a STRANGER... which puts their guard up... and this creates that uncomfortable "awkwardness" that is devastating to a conversation.
By jumping right into "rapport" you "create" a more "natural feeling conversation" which gives them the feeling of "knowing you forever."
Mistake 9... Going into "Interview Mode"...
Uh... I hate this being done to me and I know you have more and likely experienced it too... talking to a man or woman and feeling like you are on a "job interview."
This is the dreaded "interview mode."
This happens when you do not know what to talk about so to keep the conversation going you ask questions like...

What do you do for a living?

What do you do for fun?

Where did you grow up?

What kind of music do you like? 
It is not the questions themselves that kill you... the rapid firing of question after question... and the steady stream of "fact based" answers that destroy any sort of "chemistry."
A conversation is supposed to "fun vibing" back and forth... it is not supposed to feel like a "job interview."
Mistake 10.. Letting them "Lead" the Conversation...
Most man and woman are so unsure of themselves when talking to a "member of the opposite sex" that they are looking for the "other" to give them "approval" or "permission" before they take any lead in the conversation.
And this is DEAD wrong.
The minute a the other realizes you are looking to them to lead the conversation... their "attraction" level drops and eventually disappears.
Most men let the woman "lead" the conversation because they are "scared" of "pissing her off" or choosing the wrong topic... and here is the thing... a women will follow whatever "tone" you set for the conversation... if you set a fun... flirty vibe... she will follow even if she is not interested in the topic you have chose to discuss... she will still respect you a lot more for "taking the initiative."
The Biggest Mistake...
Do you want to know what the "biggest mistake" both men and women make in regards to their conversations?
Not getting help.
Would you "know" that only 10 years ago it was nearly impossible to find this sort of "information" on improving your "conversation skills" with either men or women? 

This meant that both men and women were forced to either struggle forever or figure it out on their own.
However you have no excuse... as there is help available... help that can change your "conversation skills" so making you more "attractive" to others.
It is painful" when you really do not know "how" to "communicate" well with others you feel... I "know" and have felt that pain myself and I do not want others to experience that pain them selves.
Now... I know that anytime... anywhere I can go out and talk to women and other people... I can "create attraction!"

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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