Day Trading Rarely If Ever Creates Your Future Life Wealth 

By Ange Fonce

The short term stuff is pretty easy to do well... respond to incoming events... check off your daily list... next please!

Living in the moment is just that... living in the moment... "focusing" on one step only... you can be "busy" producing "nothing"... creating "nothing" for your "growth!"

Being "busy" in the "moment" is basically repeating "nothing"... like a record stuck in the grove... you just "stand still" wasting time on the same spot!

The long term stuff... "creating and investing in your future" for 6 months... 1 year... 5 years time on the other hand... is so easy to postpone... because tomorrow always sounds "more promising"... instead of "focusing" on next month... 6 months... 1 year... the "points" you set for yourself to "grow too" and "acquire" your goals and generate "your wealth of life"... you become "distracted" by the "moment" or the "short term" gain.

And so you might hesitate to "define" your next project... or look for a new job... or "live" what you "love" doing...  or "visualize something" that "breaks" what you are already used to... and "expands" you past your present "comfort zone."

Yes... the "future" is "unknown" and it is exactly because it is "unknown"... you have the "power" to "create" what you want to "create" and "benefit" and "prosper" from!

You are your own force of "dynamic energy"... making "known" what is "unknown" for you.    

Day trading in the "moment" rarely if  ever "creates" anything of "significance"... those who "look forward" and "act" to "create" their "future"... create great history!

Trading in the "moment" means you "stand still"... always stuck in the "moment"... living a permanent "ground hog day"... just repeating itself... and "nothing" ever "transforms" and "grows" to become "something!"

Creating the "future" is also to be creating "history"... because your "moment" has become DYNAMIC ENERGY moving "forward" to a point in your future you have "envisioned" to "create" and make REAL!

Two thoughts...

1... Keep "short term" and "long term" goals... projects "separate"... by all means use "short term" goals and projects as "stepping stones" in "creating" and making your "long term" goals "real" and "acquiring" them... because the "danger" of "failing" in your "long term" goals and projects is this...

The best way to "avoid long term work" and be "distracted"... is to be "exposed" to "juicy" short term "urgencies"... going for the "fix" of the "moment" instead of "creating" the "wealth" of your "life."

2... Hesitate and "consider" deeply before "investing" your most "alert" and "dedicated" work time on the "short term tasks"... do they "deserve" to be a "high priority"... require that "urgency"... do they "benefit" you in fulfilling your "long term" projects and goals... or will they be a "distraction" and a "waste" of your "greatest asset"... your "valuable time" and your hard earned "precious resources?" 

Day trading might be fun in the "moment"... yet you can do far better... "investing" of yourself "now" and "creating" a "better future" for your "life wealth!"

As ever always leave a man or woman or the "better! for "knowing" you!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic life!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant and Sexologist... who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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