Can He Trust You To Be In A Relationship With?

By Ange Fonce

As strange as it might seem unless a man feels "safe" with you... he will never let you get close to him. 

Especially if he is wondering... can I trust her? 

If you will indulge me a little bit... I want to talk just a little about this because I think it can help you.

Over the years I have learned something about men that most women seem to have a hard time understanding and that for most men it is really hard to trust someone and what makes it so hard is it feels weak and childish to let someone else be in control for even a few minutes unless it is another man he trusts and greatly respects.

Because I know this and now you do to... it gives me an advantage whenever a man walks into my office... especially if he is with the woman he loves and at some point when we are talking... there is going to be a moment when he is going to get upset as I may disagree with him or back his partner and when I do... it is critical that I do not back down... I will be respectful which is very important and I will not give in to his anger.

Just to keep the peace.

Just to keep him as a client.

Just to make him like me.

And when I stand firm in my conviction... it does something magical to him... once he has seen me hold my conviction... he now knows he can trust me and it is because of this one mantra that EVERY man lives by...

If you cannot handle me when I am upset... how can I trust you when I am scared to cover my back?

Let that phrase sink in because if you will remember this next time the man you love gets upset... you will know why you should not give in unless you are wrong of course.

Because this leads onto something more powerful in building his trust in you...

He Needs Your Help To OPEN Up To You

Let us try something different now. 

Let us imagine you are coming to my office with your boyfriend or husband. 

I will bet you after working with you both...  you would see the man you had to DRAG into my office is now eating out of my hand and honestly I have done it so many times that the poor guy does not stand a chance with me.

Because of one simple truth... I will stand no bullshit from anyone.

And what makes it even better is I am going to show you how to get him eating out of you hand as well... see I know one thing about men that I bet you do not. 

His greatest fear is losing power and it terrifies him to feel out of control and because I know that I can use his fear against him. 

So to get him to lower his guard... he has to feel like he is in control. 

The problem is women often try and do this by being overly "clever"... they hint and ask questions in an attempt to get him to share with them and to a man it feels like she is simply trying to control him so she can manipulate him and he will resist her with everything he has got.

And once you know how he thinks and understand his motives for what he does... well then he feels you are that one special woman who finally "gets" him.

See this is the difference between simply being pretty versus being irreplaceable. 

If you are just pretty then he will want to date you... sleep with you and well that is about it. 

Yet if he feels you are the 1 woman who really understands his deepest feelings and can speak to those hidden parts of his heart... then his heart gets really quiet inside... he has found what he has been looking for his entire life.

In his mind and heart you become part of him... every decision he makes takes you into account and he WANTS to know your thoughts.

This leads to what I call INSTANT INTIMACY and it can happen just with a glance and in a future article I will be going into how to build deep Intimacy with a man.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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