Busyness is far easier than being  productive.

Busyness might feel good... in it seems you might be getting a lot done... yet are you being productive?

Being productive... means doing the business of producing things of actual value. 

Most often,.. the two are completely unrelated.

What if you spent a day totally un-busy... and instead confronted the fear-filled tasks you have been putting off that will actually produce value once produced?

Every decision you make... every encounter you have... you get a choice.

Are you opening doors or closing doors for yourself?

It is so tempting to shut people down... to shut down the projects you know... you really have to do...  to limit the upside with the "what if's" and the "maybe's".., to ostracize... deselect and demonize... the REAL work... OFF GETTING THINGS DONE... It makes life a lot simpler... easier... being busy.

Not seeing... being intentionally blind... means you do not have to take action... not opening the door... means it is easier to announce that you are done... and not raising the bar means you are less likely to fail... forgetting you are never going to succeed either... if ever!

Just about all the things you treasure in your world were built by people who were intent on making things bigger... enabling things to be better... opening doors for us to achieve... and GETTING THINGS DONE!
The line between a realist and a optimist is hard to draw and is blurred... and both might be self-fulfilling.

And while you are being "busy" doing many things and producing... what exactly?

There are those who are... FOCUSED... on GETTING THINGS DONE.

Focus involves eliminating options until you have so few moving parts that work actually gets done. 

You can be laser focused and still think bigger.

So while you are being busy... being busy.... doing little or nothing of value.

There are certain men and women FOCUSING on... GETTING THINGS DONE... and producing things of GREAT VALUE! 

And I will guarantee you... that in a couple of years time... you will still be doing the same old things... being busy... because you refuse to open the door to being productive and focusing on getting things done.

And those men and women who opened the door... walked through and focused on acquiring their goals by being productive... will be living the life they created... because they.... GOT THINGS DONE that HAD TO BE DONE!

May You Enjoy A Productive And Prosperous Day.

Yours Sincerely 

Ange Fonce