Building And Sharing "Intimacy" Is More Than Saying
“I Love You” 

By Ange Fonce 

Intimacy... how often do you... especially as a man... go deeper than those words "I love you" into "really showing" your "care" and "affection" beyond just the physical aspects of "sex" and share deeper "intimacy" with your lover?

I writing this important "relationship article"... more with my male readers in mind although it is for women too. 

It is about "sharing" with men about what women "really want" in a "relationship" and gives tips on "how" to increase the "intimacy of the communication" within the "relationship"... it can also give married couples ideas on how to "enjoy better sex" with "intimate communication."

Like so many other "intimate relationships" is your "personal courting relationship" evolving in the direction of a "committed relationship" or "marriage?" 

Women want a level of "intimacy in the relationship" and find a lack of "intimate communication" from their boyfriend... fiancé... husband frustrating.

If your woman complains that you do not "talk" to her... she is not saying that you never speak at all... what she is "requesting" is more "intimacy" in your "relationship."

Take it as a "clear signal" that your woman is not "feeling loved!" 

Many men and some women too... find it hard to "express" their "feelings" and struggle to get their "love relationships" into an "intimate relationship" at an "emotional" level... if you find it hard to "communicate" with your girlfriend or boyfriend while you are "personally courting"... you will not establish a "firm foundation" for "emotional trust" going into a more deeper "committed relationship"... that can "grow" and "evolve" into the "maturity" of a deep "trusting... loving... intimate relationship"... at all levels in all ways...  that will stand the "tests" of each other... life and time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Because... you can "learn" and "understand" how to "communicate" on an "intimate emotional level" with your woman... and in the case of women... with your man... so that by the time you have "grown" into a "committed personal relationship" your "intimacy connection" can only keep "evolving" in ALL ways... building a deep "trustful and loving bond" between you both.

Saying and Doing More Than “I Love You”...

While any woman will appreciate hearing the words... “I love you”... real "intimate communication" is so much more than this... it requires being "authentic"... being "trusting"... and "trustful"... possessing "integrity" as an "individual" and in the "relationship" between you both... "openness... sincere honesty" and "vulnerability... tolerance" and "respect... acceptance" of each other... as you "grow" and "evolve" towards each other... "intimate communication"... is MORE than "I love you"... it is "I am loving you... as I ADORE you!"  

In a "healthy relationship"... real "intimate communication" includes "deep conversation"... being "emotional open"...i.e... "emotionally intelligent" and includes the way you "touch each other"... the way you "look at each other"... the way you "emotionally experience" each other... and even the way you "sex" each other. 

The "longer" and more "deeply" you have "known... understood" and "experienced" each other... the more of an "intimate history" you have to draw on. 

For Example... 

All the "emotions" of a "special moment" you both "shared" can come rushing back for a couple recollecting the time they got caught out in the warm summer rain and kissed and cuddled under an awning until the rain stopped. 

While you are "courting" your woman or man wants to "share" more of your life and wants to become your "best friend"...  so "intimate conversations" about your "emotional being" will let her or him into your world and solidify your "intimate relationship"... and when you become more "committed" to each other... a gentle touch... a soft look... can give her or him an insight into how you "feel" about them... even "sex" takes on a new dimension when it forms part of the "intimate communication" of your "relationship."

It is very easy to say the words “I love you” and it is much harder to let someone in to your private world... and be "vulnerable"... to be "truly naked!" 

Because... the more you can share "intimate communication" with your woman or man... the more "authentic" and "pleasurable" the "relationship" becomes from the very start when you first "meet up."  

Intimate Conversation...

Sharing your "emotions" and your "inner most thoughts"... no matter how terrifying it is for you... with your woman or man... lets him or her "grow" in "understanding" you... you "allow" them to be in the "fullest" of your world... it tells him or her you "trust" them and "think" she or he is a highly "valued friend"... as well as a "lover"... women especially as well as men... want to "know" that they are "valued" and "appreciated" more to their man or woman than other people are... that they apart from you... are number 1 in your life.    

If you only share the same "level" of "intimacy" with your man or woman as you would share with other friends or work colleagues... he or she is missing out on the "joys" and the "value" of a "special intimate love relationship."

In a "growing" or "committed relationship"... your man or woman is to be more "important" to you than other people are and your "conversations" should reflect this... it can be difficult to share your "thoughts" and "emotions"... yet you can "grow" and "evolve" the level of "intimacy" organically" into a "relationship" that can last a lifetime.

It is best to start to "share" some things about yourself... and is the essential and crucial first step that lays down the "solid foundation" of "trust" between you both from which everything else is "created"... so you can "share" with  your man or woman the things that you would not even tell your best friend... real "intimacy" requires "authentic nakedness" and "integrity" in all ways!

You may like to try talking about...

Things you loved to do when you were a child

Things you experienced as a child

People you love or spent a lot of time with

Things you are really passionate about and why

How you feel about the future

Funny experiences you had in the past

What your goals and ambitions are

Why you like your friends

How you feel about relationships... love... sex

How you feel about family... children

Many men will find it easier to start these "conversations" in an "active environment."

For Example... 

If you both enjoy hiking it may be easier to tell your girlfriend or boyfriend about the first hike you ever went on... or about hiking when you were a child... while you are actually hiking together... and "sharing experiences."

Sometimes... it is easier to talk while doing an "activity" because it allows you to talk "side by side" rather than "face to face"... this can be a less "intimidating" way to share those "thoughts" and "feelings"... especially if you lack "confidence" and you are not used to "sharing" them with anyone else.

As you become more comfortable in having "intimate conversations"... you can go out together and chat "face to face"... eventually you will be "comfortable" in "sharing" your most "private thoughts" and "emotions" with your partner which really builds a "solid trust" into your "relationship." 

Non Sexual Intimate Touch...

Learn what "non sexual intimate touch" really is to women before practising it... touching is a way of expressing "emotional love" in a "physical" way... "sexual love" is the ultimate expression of this "emotional love"... as you are sharing each others "physical bodies" in an "emotionally physical" way... yet many women "crave" a more subtle form of "emotional loving touch" from their men.

An "intimate touch" can happen anywhere and not always be "sexual" in nature... this is not about getting your woman into bed for "sex"... it is about you "valuing... appreciating" and "adoring" her for the woman she is... and that she is "really important" and "very special" to you.

Holding hands when walking together adds a level of "intimacy" to the "relationship"... giving her a hug when she walks in the door after a hard day at work... can speak volumes about how you "care" for her.

Intimate Sex...

The very act of having "sex" in a relationship is an "intimate act"... yet as a loving and caring partner...  you can make the "sexual experience" even more "special" and more deeper if you add "intimate communication" to your "relationship."

Women are more likely to "enjoy sex" in a very deep "emotional physical" way... when it is not just a "physical reaction" to a warm body thrusting inside them... and men will enjoy "sex" more when they are inside a "deeply loved" and "adored" partner... then just "physically masturbating" in a womans vagina and truly sharing "sexual intimacy" in a "intimate loving" way! 

Intimate communication encourages "sexual intimacy" to become "love sharing" in a "sexual way"... so that "sex" itself becomes "intimate communication" and is less "inhibited" and more "enjoyable" and "nurturing" for you both... the time you "invest" to work on your "verbal communication skills" as a couple is while you are still "courting" and building a "strong foundation" of "trust" about each other for all other forms of "intimate communication" when you have grown into a more "exclusive" and "committed relationship."

If you ever find yourself having difficulties with being able to "communicate" in an "intimate way" with your lover. 

Then please feel you can Contact Me for "help and advice."

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth!

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