Being Alone Is Bad For Your Wellbeing

By Ange Fonce

As a personal development coach and psychologist the issue of loneliness is one that comes up a lot.
The only remedy is a combination of facing your fears... getting out there... talking to new people and cultivating friendships... building connections and sharing adventures.
That said we do not often talk about the subject of loneliness in detail either at a personal level or a cultural level. 

So let us stop ignoring this issue and take it on.
It is a strange time in our cultures around the world that we have more convenience and more material wealth than any people ever in history yet we are having fewer and fewer close relationships because people at large are going out less and less.
On line shopping has made it so that you no longer need to go to a bookstore or even the grocery store to get what you need and food chains that deliver to your door are posting record profits while family diners are going out of business.  
At the same time many of the traditional social networks that existed in the past where you might find friendships or a meet up are disappearing and people are going to classes virtually and they are watching movies in their bedrooms.
Researchers thought that with the advent of the Internet that television viewership would decrease... it has not as instead we watch the same amount of TV and then we go online for an average of 3 hours a day on top of TV viewing.
In short the modern lifestyle has created an environment in which it is easy to become isolated and with isolation comes a feeling of loneliness and loneliness is an epidemic that is growing through out the world! 

It is also quite bad for your health as the combination of toxic effects can impair cognitive performance... compromise the immune system and increase the risk for vascular inflammation and heart disease. 

Studies show that loneliness increases the risk for early death by 45 percent and the chance of developing dementia in later life by 64 percent... on the other hand people who have strong ties to family and friends are as much as 50 percent less at risk of dying over any given period of time than those with fewer social connections.

Make Friends And Build Connections

Once I understood how easy it actually was to  meet new people and make new friends and I was hooked.
I have studied and looked at human interaction from a scientific perspective and cataloged my interactions to learn what worked and what did not... tracking it like a scientist and learning also from others who also work in this field.
I learned and documenting my social interactions and the notes I took have forever changed the way I interact with people... I did not just learn to talk to women which is actually really easy and I learned to become a social human being who made friends everywhere.
Eventually I decided to help coach others and helping both men and women in over a dozen countries get over their fears and helping to alleviate their loneliness and to say that social skills are valuable is quite an understatement... they literally can take you anywhere and they can help you make what you would like for your life come true.
First though there is one place I start with everyone I work with and that is developing there own solid person confidence and esteem because honestly that is what most people think is going to solve their loneliness problem. 
It most certainly helps in the long term when you face your fears and overcome limiting beliefs and learning to effectively express yourself and you have to know how to navigate the social matrix.
It is just that talking to someone who you are attracted to has a lot of anxiety built into it and this is about much more than talking to potential mates... it is about talking to anyone and knowing how to bring value to any interaction. 

I have noticed that most people who work with me and get used to approaching people they find attractive do become better at approaching anyone... it is like playing a video game on hard then going back and playing on easy.
If you can talk to members of the opposite sex that you find attractive then you can talk to anybody without fear and you can know exactly how to engage them... be interesting and keep them coming back for more.
Learning these skills has literally changed every aspect of my life for the better... my personal friendships... life adventures... professional career all of it came from hard work and practice as well as the need to get out of my comfort zone and stay there.
Loneliness is an epidemic and it does not have to be it may be the worlds easiest epidemic to solve.
To never being lonely again,
If you have struggled with feeling lonely... create some action steps to start changing your social behavior and if you have overcome those feelings find a friend who is struggling and help them out... teach them what you know.
Human are social creatures and it is literally in our DNA to form relationships and bonds with our fellow humans.
So get out there and help rid the world of loneliness.

By becoming a Dynamic Lifer!

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