Be Thou Not A Nagger

By Ange Fonce

The other day I saw my sons bath towel on the middle of his bedroom floor. 

I said...

"You might want to hang up your towel or it will not be dry out in time for your shower tomorrow." 

When his clothes pile up outside of the hamper I simply say...

"It would really help me out a lot if you put your dirty clothes in the hamper... I would appreciate you doing that for me please." 

And he does.

I was exhausted one morning and when my sons cat began to kick up a row.

I simply asked him if he wanted to... 

"Get up and have a little morning playtime with Ribbs." 

That was a much nicer way of asking him to help me out than saying...

"Why am I the one who always gets up early to take care of YOUR cat... 
I think it is YOUR turn for a change"

Rather than just nag... nag... nag... you get the drift.

I always think of nice ways to ask him to help out and take responsibility or to stop doing something irritating. 

It is far more effective than if I "nagged" or got "stroppy" about it.

In most relationships a polite and sincere request gets much greater results than if you yell... nag or complain. 

While some men and women and children do respond to incessant nagging... they do so to get you to shut up and are resentful for the way you behaved or end up "arguing" and "fighting" you back.

And what does that solve?

Good manners does not mean you are allowing yourself to used as a doormat by other people.

It is actually the other way around.

It is a standard you set for yourself about "quality... value" and "respect!"

Good manners is also the "social grace" that society effectively functions by.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic Holiday!

Yours Sincerely

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