Negative thoughts are contagious, so when you think and talk negatively, when you sit and worry with your spouse or your friends, you feed off each other's negativity. 

In the end, although the negative messages may start on the outside, they take up residence on the inside and will lead to self sabotage on every level of your life. 

You are your own self-saboteur, expecting failure and negative experiences and you work to make this expected outcome happen... all  the time!

Yes... read that again... "YOU work to make your our failures happen!"

As a result of this kind of programming, the average person probably has more than 250 - 300 negative thoughts in a given day. 

When you break that down, you are beating yourself up verbally at least once every two and a half minutes. 

These thoughts come in a steady stream:..

"I'm fat, I don't feel good, I don't want to go to work, I hate my hair, it's raining, I'm exhausted, I'am unattractive, no one loves me" and so on and so on........

Do these sound familiar?

Your are what you "think" as your brain has become "programmed to "think" that way.

You have become your own self-fulling prophecy of negativity, doom, gloom, failure, frustration, resentment and depression.

Is that "how" you want the rest of your life to be?

An ever repeating record stuck in the grove.

The same old "song"... over and over again.

Change your "Thinking" change "Your" life!"

Nudge that needle and play a different tune!

May You Enjoy a Beautiful day.

Ange Fonce