Are You Sending These Unconscious Signals?

By Ange Fonce

In this article I want to share with you about unconscious signals and how they can help you or hinder you in your interactions with others. 

To be fair the inspiration for this article comes from my sons dog. 

She had been recovering from getting "fixed" and had not been her usual perky self and on this particular morning I heard her in the snack closet rummaging around for anything that my son had dropped there. 

Then I heard the distinct crinkling of a potato chips bag and got up to see what was going on and fortunately there was no damage done as I had intercepted her before she could stick her head into the bag. 

And here is the thing... unknown to her... she was giving off a signal that she probably was not aware of... which was the old crinkling of the bag... when those sound waves reached me I knew that something was up.

And when she heard me coming she immediately ditched her plan of eating chips for breakfast and headed to her favorite sleeping spot as if to say... 

"Hey I have been here the whole time." 

And that signal gave her away... we humans are not much different... we also give out and receive signals all of the time and many of these signals are below our conscious awareness

For example... 

One of the ways of establishing rapport is by making eye contact with people... yet it is more than just eye contact. 

When two people are sort of feeling each other out... either in close proximity or across the room... there is split second where a signal is given that can announce whether you are a friend or foe to someone. 

Know what it is? 

Your Eyebrow Movement. 

That is right... if you move your eyebrows up and down quickly and if the person that you are looking at responds the same way... you are at the beginning of establishing rapport with them and if they do not reciprocate then they are not interested. 

So how would you use this to your advantage? 

Well if you are walking to your car on a dark night and you are in a risky neighborhood... the odds are that you do not want to give off a vibe that says you want people to approach you... in this instance you could still make eye contact... yet you would not have that inviting split second eyebrow movement that would call others over to you. 

On the other hand if you see someone from across the room and you want to go over and meet them you can make eye contact and give that same signal and see how they respond. 

The language that we use is very similar... we are always reading between the lines trying to figure out what people really mean when they speak to us. 

We often want to come across as confident and self assured and depending on the language that we use and the tone that we use it we can often come across as needy. 

And as I have talked about before... neediness can be a real deal breaker for people. 

Whether you are trying to get a date or close a business deal you should really do what you can to eliminate any neediness coming through. 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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