Are You Loud And Angry To Get Things Done? 

By Ange Fonce

There are men and women who are able to "get their work done" without using "emotion" to signify "urgency."

When a surgeon asks the nurse for a scalpel... he does not have to raise his voice... stamp his foot or even make a face... he merely "asks"... and she complies.

When a pilot hits a tough spot... she is not supposed to start yelling at air traffic control... she "calmly describes" the situation and gets the help she needs.

And despite what you may have seen in the movies... successful stock traders do not have to start screaming when there is more money on the line... I have been reading book... Currency Wars by Jim Rickards and part of the book covers the time when he worked for a hedge fund... Long Term Capital Management... which went bust in 1998... it was at the time the biggest hedge fund in the world... and it almost took the bond and stock markets with it... and far from screaming and panicking... many people worked "calmly" together for 7 days to stop the whole financial system from melting down... and there was no "rescue" from the central banks!

Compare this to the amateur world of media.

Whoever "yells the loudest" gets your "attention"... social media users who use cutting language to get someone to feel badly. 

People who should know better who mark their notes as urgent... even when they are not. 

Politicians who take umbrage and use fear...  and carry on as if fear and umbrage were on a stock clearance sale.

It should be clear that these people are not angry because so much is at stake... they are angry because it works. 

Because "attention" is reserved for those who decide to "demonstrate" their "emotions" by throwing a "tantrum."

The "problem" with requiring people to be "loud" and "angry" to "get things done"... is that you are now surrounded by people who are "loud" and "angry."

And while everyone is being "loud" and "angry" with each other... what is ACTUALLY... beneficially and productively... "getting done?"

What happens if you take a "calm" and "focused" approach with the people you work with... "rewarding" people who properly "prioritize" their requests and "ignoring" those that seek to "escalate" via vitriol? 

What happens if you "consistently enforce" a rule against "tantrums?"

What if you go first? 

You consistently reward "thoughtful exchanges" and "refuse" to "leap" into the "vitriol" merely because it is raining "anger"... the people you work with will get the "message"...or move on.

And there is a BIG pitfall with throwing "tantrums" is that often... people throw them back.

That is what you get in the environment of "loud" and "angry."

A war of Trolls!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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