Are You Investing Your Time Wisely?  

By Ange Fonce

If you want to become wealthy and successful in anything you are gong to need two things and neither of them are money.

One is ambition.

The other is time.

If you have got both of those you have an opportunity to create the life you want to live.

And in this article I want to focus on your most precious asset... TIME!

As I am writing this article I am in Sofia Bulgaria taking a break and it is early Monday morning and I have had to change how I invest my time.

You would think such a distance would make time investment harder yet it is actually proving far more effective.

There are a couple of reasons for that I think.

First why am I in Sofia?

Simply I am taking a break and I am researching and investigating a very interesting story to do with an individual which has me away from the UK and while I am here it is giving me time to think which is as important as anything else when it comes to working effectively... if you do not give yourself time to think you will always be acting from the point of reacting instead of responding... you will not be able to form a strategy or imagine all possible outcomes of a decision you might need to make... so give yourself time to think.

The second reason I seem to have more time at the moment is the fact that I am forced to better organise my efforts.

One of the biggest problems I see people having with the investment of their time is that they flit between things and often do tasks in the wrong order... trying to get little jobs out of the way before concentrating on big jobs or wasting time on a job they cannot progress on at that point and would be better left for another time or just plain old procrastination on social media and other crap like that.

Seeing as I am out of the UK for some days I cannot afford to waste the time I am here... so it is important that I have a schedule that I stick to and so far this has been much more effective... there is less tolerance for waffle when you know you are limited on time.

And going back to that priority point I mentioned before...

If you are able to take on board this advice I am confident you will find that you get more done in less time and leaving you with more time to focus on your ambitions and what is important!

So how do you best organise your time if you wish to pursue a goal of becoming wealthy?

As I have mentioned time being a very important factor there and from my communication with readers and clients one of the biggest obstacles people blame for not being able to become wealthy is the lack of time they have.

I imagine I can guess your thoughts on this... that people have to make time and it is not good enough to blame a lack of it and you could perhaps share some thoughts on how people best organize their time.

When you were still in the early days of pursuing your goals how was your typical day structured?


The most important factor in making time work for you is to employ two rules of productivity... the priority system popularized by Steven Covey and Paretos Principle...

You should invest 80% of your work time focusing on important yet not urgent goals and you make sure that one hour of that time is first thing in the morning after you have had that cup of coffee or tea for you and before you have had a full breakfast. 

The problem with time is not that we have only 24 hours a day and consider this that the most successful people in the world have no more and that we ordinary people tend to use those hours less efficiently than the great wealth builders.

To make time work for you... you must invest the time you have on the objectives that are most likely to give you the results you most desire.

And the thing is the human impulse is to do the opposite.

We are all inclined to spend our best hours taking care of urgent tasks that have little long term importance as we deal with things that are urgent and not IMPORTANT and answer emails and that eats up hours and hours of time each day while we keep telling ourselves that we will get to the important and not urgent objectives later on and that later on never comes.

And Seth Godin summed this up nicely in one of his blog posts...

The Why Of Urgent vs Important

You know you should be focusing on the long term journey... on building out the facility... signing up new customers or finishing your dissertation.

And instead there is a queue of urgent things... all justifiable... all requiring you and you alone to handle them and so you do... pushing off the important in favor of the urgent.

Of course everyone has this challenge and some people manage to get past it... even you the last time you made a major move forward. 

Think about it... those urgencies from a few years ago... who is handling them now?

The reason we go for urgent is that it makes us feel competent... We are good at it... we did not used to be and we are now.

Important on the other hand, is fraught with fear with uncertainty and with the risk of failure.

Now that you know why you can dance with it.

We find that those big life changing goals that we set years ago continue to be on our to do lists with each passing year.

You can change all that and quickly if you follow this simple rule... 

Invest 80% of your work time and always the first and best hour of each day working on the wealth building projects that are likely to bring you the greatest returns in the long run.

Those who live in the moment dealing with the urgent never have time to invest in the important that actual builds your life wealth.

It is such a simple idea and so easily overlooked... I think we are all guilty of letting those little jobs take over and putting off the serious work for later. 

It is interesting because I think your way of thinking makes you truly consider what your most important objectives are and I think that sometimes scares people... you realise that having enough time is not the obstacle it is and that it is you do not truly understand what your objective are or at least which ones take priority.

There you go.

Your first hour of every day is best invested doing the most important thing you have on your to do list and I bet you do not do that currently... I bet you spend the first hour catching up on emails... checking your favourite websites or making breakfast.

Simple answer... do not do it because by doing so you are wasting your freshest most conscious hour on things that are totally irrelevant and you will not succeed.

Instead focus that first hour on doing something important... you might not finish the thing you invest an hour on especially if it is a major project yet you will do good work on it.

Once you have done that first then you can reward yourself with some time doing those other less brain demanding things... like having breakfast which I am going to go and do now.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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