Are You Enthusiastic Or Desperate? 

By Ange Fonce

And what is the difference? 

If you are not sure then read on... because knowing the difference can mean having great persuasive conversations with others where they do what you suggest versus having them avoid you like the plague because they think you have gone off the deep end. 

Let me start with a question. 

Ever seen the AMC television show "Breaking Bad?" 

It is one of my all time favorite shows yet I was late to the party. 

The reason is because while the show was being aired I had never heard of it... as a matter of fact by the time I saw the first episode the entire series was over and I played catch up on Netflix. 

So why did I even bother checking it out in the first place? 

Because it was my sons recommendation and a friend of mine and not just any friend... it was someone who I actually trusted. 

At the time they kind of knew my likes and dislikes and whenever they would talk about this show they were so enthusiastic about it I could tell that they were way into it and loved every minute of the series. 

That enthusiasm wore off on me until I eventually watched the first episode... it was not my favorite yet I gave it three episodes to see if I really liked it. 

And I did. 

Until eventually I saw all 5 or 6 season on Netflix.

One of the things that came through loud and clear with my friends and sons recommendation was their pure joy in making the recommendation... there was not anything in it for either of them other than sharing something that was so well done that they absolutely knew that I would fall in love with it. 

In other words... there was no agenda on their part other than seeing me enjoy the show and this came through in their enthusiasm

Now contrast this enthusiasm with someone trying to get you to watch a presentation online... maybe it is part of an online business that they are into and let us say that every time they see you... they ask if you have taken the time to watch the video yet. 

After a while you start to avoid running into them if you can help it. 


Because although they may have some interest in what the video or business opportunity can do for you... you also know that there is something in it for them. 

And that is the piece can often lead to your friend turning desperate... where he or she is practically begging you to watch the video. 

And when others start begging you to do stuff... that is when they start giving off that vibe that awakens that gut feeling in you... their desperation automatically puts them on your radar and you can even view their requests as suspicious. 

And that is one place where it is very hard to convince or persuade someone to do something... when they are suspicious. 

Now of course there are ways to avoid this desperation completely... as a matter of fact the more you can get someone to relax and not be "on guard" the easier it will be to influence and persuade them. 

Especially if you can create the environment or scenario where you pique their interest where suddenly they are asking you about watching a video or TV show and you are not pursuing them at all. 

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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