Are You Aware OF These Common Myths About Female Orgasm?

By Ange Fonce

“Sex is not the answer... Sex is the question... "Yes" is the answer.”

When you were younger... you most likely “thought” and “imagined” some very foolish things about “sex” and your body.

Remember the one about going blind if you masturbate?

How about the belief that men with big noses also have big penises?

Or my favourite... that women can get pregnant from kissing!

As adults... you know these "myths" are not "true"... well I would like to “think” you “know” they are not “true”... and what you may not realize is that many of the “ideas” you might have about the “female orgasm” are also “myths.” 

When men come to me for “advice” about “how” to bring their female partners to “climax”... I am always amazed at how much they need to “unlearn”... and curious enough... I have had some women too!

So let us get started...

Myth 1... Size matters...

If you “think” your penis size has something to do with your partners ability to have an “orgasm”... “think” again! 

A survey done by the Kinsey Institute found that the average length of an erect penis is 6.16 inches long and 4.84 inches wide. 

If you are smaller than that... there is no need for concern… because it is the first two inches of a womans vagina that is "highly sensitive" to "stimulation"... so as long as your penis is as long as your “forefinger” it is plenty big enough... because you can have a woman “orgasming” off your finger alone... remember that! 

As the saying goes...  

“It is not the size of the tool alone... it is also the the skill used by the craftsman.”

Myth 2... A woman does not enjoy sex unless she has an orgasm...

Although the female “orgasm” is incredibly “pleasurable” for her... it is the WHOLE deal of what “sex” is too... "think" about “how” it “feels” when you have your penis stroked... “feels real good”... does it not? 

Likewise a woman will respond to having her body “kissed” and "caressed” all over... especially on her “erogenous zones”... even if she does not “climax”... your lover will enjoy the “physical... sensual sensations” of “sex” as long as you make sure to “involve” not only “her body”... also her “mind” too.

Myth 3...There is nothing wrong with faking orgasms...

Dead wrong!

If your “lover” consistently “fakes orgasms”... it means she is “lying” to you on a regular basis... and not just in the bedroom... whether the “problem” stems from “psychological stresses” or “physical inhibitions” or a lack of “sexual confidence” and  “trust”... by  “faking orgasms” indicates there is a “real problem” in your “relationship.” 

Talk with her and "share" about “how important” it is to you that she “enjoys sex” as much as you do and “encourage her” to “help you” find out what brings her to “climax.”

Myth 4... Some women just cannot have orgasms...

Statistics show that a small percentage of women have never had an “orgasm”... and that can be put down to the “problems” I mentioned above... there is “absolutely” no “scientific evidence” that “proves” that women are “physically unable” to have an “orgasm.” 

If your partner is having “problems”... and she may have an “emotional” or “physical” block that prevents her from “relaxing” during “sex.”

Myth 5... Women should only reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse...

We have Freud to thank for this “bold faced lie”.... he thought that women who could not reach “orgasm” through “vaginal intercourse” were considered to have some type of “psychological impairment.” 

Then again... he also thought all women wanted a penis... hmm... was he way off the mark... would have been better if he “learnt” about female “sexual physiology” first before making such statements!  

A womans “sexual nerve endings” are most concentrated in her “clitoris”... a woman has about 36000 of them compared to mans penis which has about 16000... so naturally it can be easier... and often even more enjoyable... for her to have an “orgasm” through “clitoral stimulation.”

Myth 6... Men just care about their own pleasure... not their partners...

No this myth is not “true”... although there are “selfish” men out there... there is a lot of men who "care" very much that their woman is totally "pleasured"... and unfortunately many women believe this “misconception” which in turn prevents them from “enjoying sex” to its fullest. 

Make sure your partner “understands” that “her pleasure” is just as “important” as yours... “sex” is to be “enjoyable” and “pleasurable” for both of you!

Myth 7... Most couples have great sex most of the time...

If you have been “personally courting” a few months... you might be having “incredible sex” whenever you are both alone. 

And this myth is not “true.”

Couples have different “sexual rhythms”... like if you have been in a “steady relationship” for 20 years... you may not be sharing ten hours a week making “sweet love”... especially with kids around! 

In fact... it is more likely that you and your partner “enjoy” brief “quality sexual encounters” only a few times a week or even month. 

So “relax”... what ever works for you... is “best” for you.

Myth 8... Sex is the most important thing in a relationship...

Based on a variety of surveys and studies on “relationships”... approximately 20% of men “think” that “mind blowing sex” is “crucial”... whereas the other 80% look at it as “the icing on the cake” of a “healthy loving relationship.” 

Although “sex” is certainly “important” for building and sustaining a “healthy”... long term “relationship”... both partners “mental... emotional” and “physical” needs form the “foundation” of lasting “love.” 

People thrive when their “brains” are “stimulated”... when they “enjoy loving relationships” with others and when they “feel connected” at an “intimate level.”

Sex is the wonderful tasting “icing” and “cherry” on the cake! 

Now that you “know” about these “common sexual myths”... it is “time” to do something about it... and “talk” and “share” with your “partner”... and make sure she is not “thinking” about any of these “misconceptions” either.

Then get ready for some “great sex!”

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant and Sexologist... who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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“That a woman is m...

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