Are You Aware Of Conversational Flow When Courting

By Ange Fonce

When you interact with a person you like you would like to give a good impression of yourself. 

You may worry about what you say or what you look like. 

Yet there is one thing that influences this positive or negative reaction as much as anything else. 

Two words... 

Conversational flow. 

It is that sense that you are both reading each other and interested in the conversation.  

It is the opposite of that feeling you get from a bad connection on the phone or online where you miss every third word they say or the delay causes you to wonder if they are still there and the same kind of disconnect can happen during an in person conversation. 

It happens when we focus too much on controlling the conversation instead of relaxing into the flow of our natural curiosity.

If you want to overcome this keep the following quote in mind...

“It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.” ~ James Thurber

This is good when you have the skill of knowing when to ask open questions and then conversational flow happens naturally when you are both very interested in the conversation... because when you are interested you become less self conscious and less awkward and you feel more relaxed in the natural flow of the conversation.  

Here is my thinking... 

The best conversations involve exploration and exploring what you have in common.

Explore the possible causes for something you have both noticed in your immediate environment.

Explore the possibilities for having fun in your city.

Explore the possible outcomes of sporting events or TV shows you both watch.

And if they turn the questions into an exploration of you go along with it and become interested in personal examination and let them explore your world and if you meeting up with someone while social courting you  can learn a lot about the person in this conversation flow like...

Are They Relationship Worthy? 

Watch how they handle frustration

Most of us look for a specific set of qualities in a partner.

Is she or he attractive? 





Health conscious? 

In a certain income bracket? 

A fan of your favorite band?

And there is something that matters as much as any item on your list... relational personal awareness.

What is that Ange? 

It is the ability to observe ourselves in the context of relationships.

Say something bad happens like the waitress messes up their drink order... consider how they react... do they yell at her? 

Accept the wrong drink just to avoid confrontation?

Or do they take a moment... think about it and find a way to fix the situation without being a jerk?

A man or women who manages a situation like this well probably has good relational personal awareness.

This matters a lot in relationships because when problems arise it means they can think about their role in creating those problems and be more conscious of their feelings and yours and they can  understand the importance of cooperation and they can listen to feedback rationally.

So pay attention to their reactions to negative situations in the converstation and we all have bad days yet if he or she frequently lashes out or shows no awareness of their own role in stressful situations. 

You should think hard about your long term prospects.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

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