Are You Aware Of A Mans Intentions 

And The Habits That Are Keeping You Single?

By Ange Fonce

Recently I shared a rare moment of down time watching television. 

A repeat episode of an American program called Millionaire Matchmaker happened to be on.

If you have not happened to see the show before... it is about a lady who specializes in introducing millionaire gentlemen to women for the purpose of courting and perhaps marriage.

Well in this particular episode a man had indeed been introduced to a woman and on their first or second meet up he had asked the woman to go to Las Vegas with him on the spur of the moment.

When she was clearly reticent about joining him he had retorted with...

"Hey I promise to be a perfect gentleman...I won't try any funny stuff' at all."

Yet the die had been cast and of course she was not interested in going to Vegas with him!

When I watch any dating or relationship shows such as this on TV... I study the dynamics that go between men and women and have a good think and work through what went on and the end result.

Sure enough this was no exception.

"Well that is where he blew it." 

I thought to myself.

"What do you mean Ange?" 

You may ask.

Well let me explain it this way.

He has given a woman he barely knows EVERY INDICATION that his intentions are less than honorable up front... so when it is written all over her face that she is concerned THEN he falls back on a promise to be a perfect gentlemen and by then it sounds like a cheesy SALES man talking rather than a GENTLEman does it not?

Do you now understand what I am talking about?

I understand what ALL of you as women INSTINCTIVELY use as a major yardstick to decide whether things are going anywhere with a man or not.

And that is TRUST.

If you do not feel SAFE with a man... if he cannot provide you with a sense of Masculine SECURITY in his presence then all bets are off... especially any bets in Vegas baby!

Unfortunately the man on the TV show had pushed the proverbial envelope of trust WAY too early in his relationship with the woman he had just met and by ASSUMING that she would be amenable to a spontaneous getaway he only caused her warning radar to sound and that is EXACTLY how it SHOULD BE for her.

When a man has the presence of mind to understand your need for safety and security AND possess the character to respect that... then his actions speak louder than his words.

Now do not get me wrong I am not sure a very high percentage of you would simply take off on a junket to Vegas with a man you barely know... at least I would like to think you would show some sense here and the basic principle at play here shows up ALL THE TIME in more subtle ways as you meet and interact with men in the early stages of courting.

For example... 

If you are talking to a man online and it becomes time to meet in person... he may approach the scenario in two different ways.

First he may say... 

"Hey tell me where you live and I will pick you up and take you to my favourite place... it will be my surprise."

Picture that happening... 

How would you respond to that kind of offer?

Or a man may approach the opportunity to meet up with  you in a decidedly DIFFERENT way...

"I think it is time we met up... I fully realize that we do not know each other yet so I know it is going to be important to you to meet at a public place... how about if we meet for coffee before work on Thursday?"

Need I ask which would make you feel more comfortable with?

Importantly you must ALWAYS take careful note of whether or not a man is displaying signs of solid character or not as you get to know him and even if a man IS apparently respectful of your circumspection up front... that should not serve as a signal for you to throw caution to the wind and if I mentioned to you that several women online had read the articles I write who live local to me and had invited themselves over to my house for the first meet up... would it surprise you that I have been utterly shocked by those womens cavalier mindset toward meeting a total stranger and I am not exactly an "mr wierd" of course yet that is really beside the point.

Any man who makes all the right moves when planning early meet ups with you is going to do so with respect and attentiveness to your feelings.

That is what a man of dignity... character and Masculine CLASS is all about... when you see that it is a GREAT sign so proceed with due caution and have fun!

Yet when a man presumes compromise of your personal comfort level... that shows a clear lack of regard for you... so let that be a red flag.

Do not ever feel COMPELLED to go on a meet up with a man who "does not get it" in this regard.

If you are uncomfortable find the courage to say "NO" even if you are habitually a "YES" person which is a WHOLE other article.

It could be the most important courting decision you EVER make and if he brings up your safety AFTER you object to his plan?

Make that a DOUBLE in the red flag department after all that only shows that he really has known what would have been the respectful path all along and yet hoped for your unconditional compliance anyway.

Court smart ladies... there are absolutely... positively some TERRIFIC Masculine Men out there who want to treat you right... learn to be discerning and not just take what comes along and settle for what you can get!

Being single is great and only if you want to be. 

It is not so much fun when you are fed up with dinner for one and cannot understand why no one wants to go out with you... I mean what is keeping you unattached while everyone else gets loved up? 

So now I will share with you 10 habits that you may have that could be to blame. 

1... First Move Phobia

Being born male does not gift men with unassailable personal confidence... men know that they are supposed to do the running after you and they hate it... if you want a meet up with a man go and chat him up... he will be too delighted to say anything other than... 

“Wow yes!”

I love it when a woman hits on me... it shows her confidence in herself and it also shows she KNOWS how to flirt!

By the way making eye contact with a man is not the same as “making a move.” 

Eye contact no matter how flirtatious you think it is... will not get you very far unless you accompany it with... 

“Hello my name is.... and you are?” 

Come on it is not rocket science!

2... Playing Hard To Get

If you want a man to be interested in you then be interested in him... it works because all human beings like to be appreciated at heart... treating "em mean" only makes them go and find someone else.
You know when someone is trying to ask you out so do not come over all coy in the misguided belief that it will make you more alluring... if a handsome stranger asks... 

“Are you all right for a drink?”

Although it is not original it shows he is interested and wanting to break the ice with you... do not just nod... blush and run away expecting him to follow you... if you find him attractive accept his offer and strike up a conversation and there is totally no need to be mega bitch because all it will show is... you are a mega bitch and who wants to know... mega bitch?
When you have been on a meet up with a man... do not be scared to pick up the phone and thank him and if you genuinely enjoyed the meet up... say so... whoever told you to wait for three days or whatever random number of days before returning a phone call is an idiot. 

No man wants a stalker... yet letting him know you are interested is the way to win his heart. 

3... Romantic Perfectionism

The killer of many a budding courtship... if you wait around for love at first sight... you are going to be waiting for a very long time... lust at first sight happens all the time and it is not love until you have shared a bathroom to coin a metaphor...  do not wait around for that thunderbolt of first glance love because you will be waiting and single for a very long time indeed.

If you have a very narrow idea of your “ideal man” you may never find someone who lives up to your fantasy. 

Here is a revolutionary idea... 

Try a man who is completely different from your ideal... you may end up surprised and a lot less single. 

4... Appearance Insecurity

Do not ruin your courting life by cancelling plans every time you get a pimple that no man will ever notice because he is too busy looking at your breasts or if he was brought up very well your eyes... avoid wearing too much make up too... the natural look is much more appealing to men than a trowelling of make up slap... too much face paint makes you look desperate and that is never a good look when you are trying to impress.

Similarly do not let your waistline fixation spoil a romantic meal... a tasty dessert shared could seal the deal on your evening and it is unlikely to make a difference to your weight unless you have a dessert every night. 

5... Bad Choices In Men

Fear of being single often drives you to accept meet up after meet up with men you are not really attracted too... trouble is while you are wasting precious time with Mr OK I Suppose... you could be out finding Mr Right or do you head straight past Mr OK I Suppose and hand your precious breakable heart to Mr Toxic? 
He comes in many guises like the serial online dating addict who never takes his profile down... the self esteem leech who cannot stop criticising... the rebounder who uses you as a cushion after his break up... they grab womens hearts take them on a romantic roller coaster ride for a few weeks... then smash those hearts to pieces... one minute you are dizzy with lust the next you are devastated.

And very... very single!

6... Low Tiff Tolerance

Do you run away from a relationship as soon as the going gets slightly shouty? 

While I would never advocate hanging onto an unhappy relationship... do remember that no relationship can be perfectly happy all the time... men are not perfect... women are perfect and you are not perfect... relationships are not perfect and the road to happiness is strewn with ups and downs.

7... Talking About You Ex Partners

This is never a good move... no really do not mention your ex on a meet up... perhaps you were with him for years and he plays a walk on part in all your anecdotes and you must break the ex name check habit if you are to impress a potential lover... even a passing mention of your previous man suggests that you have not moved on.

8... Sofa Hugging

The man you are hoping to attract does not live under your sideboard... so if you want a relationship you are going to have to get out into the REAL world and start meeting people... maybe you are constantly tired or ridiculously busy at work yet if you want a relationship... you need to make time for a social courting life.

9... Desperation

Men can smell your desperation from half a mile away... if you feel the need to ring him up on your way home from your first met up it had better be to answer his missed call or to thank him for a nice time... there is nothing wrong in saying thank you as appreciation these days is something that is becoming rare and lacking and there is one thing a man does like... feeling he is appreciated!

10... Relationship Resistance

Are you happy... fulfilled and busy with your work... home and friends? 

Do you find that the occasional fling satisfies your need for lust and male attention? 

Not everyone is cut out to be one half of a couple and a relationship is not a compulsory element of a happy life. 

If you keep dipping a toe into the mating pool and never quite feel comfortable with it... perhaps you are better off single after all.

Congratulations you have a great life... now stop reading articles about "why" you are still single! 

Do you imagine yourself courting and meeting a "Great Man" and just do not know how to do that?

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You are... will you drop me a line?

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I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

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