Each of us is a unique INDIVIDUAL that possess gifts we can contribute to the world.

You you were not free in the past because you were a slave to addictions and codependency like so many of us are and have been.

You have grown to understand that FREEDOM is precious.

Society... Religion... Culture... compulsions... exert great pressures for conformity to stifle your natural human creativity and erode your dignity to exist as an INDIVIDUAL.

As your grow in your own personal development... your relationship to the world and to others... changes.

You grow in inner strength... maturing in your awareness... growing more confident and assertive in being the INDIVIDUAL you are... becoming more AUTHENTIC!

Some of us have a talent for empathizing with others... some for writing and art... others for business and wealth creation... some for sports and physical activities.

There is no exact recipe that defines exactly what kind of man or woman you are to be.

Because you are FREE!

It is your creative task to discover what it means to be honest as you are.

To be your fullest Masculinity as a Man.

To be your fullest Femininity as a Woman.

It is you that defines you within your particular circumstances.

You do not get a list of directions of HOW to live each day.

Yet you can write your own guidelines for your progress.

Through your own personal development... through the status within your tribe... through your personal relationships... through your own personal goals.

You can DEFINE yourself and learn to RESPECT your own and others PERSONAL FREEDOM!

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce