Are You Always Braced For Impact? 

By Ange Fonce

I can imagine imagine that there are certain situations... like some form martial arts... where bracing for impact and using that energy is a sensible is idea.

The rest of the "time"... not such a good thing. 

If when driving your car... you know you are going to hit a tree at 60 miles an hour... or the jet you are flying on is about to slam into the runway at a couple of hundred miles an hour... it is not altogether clear that tensing all your muscles and preparing to be squashed is going to do you much good at all.

Worse than this... far worse... is that so many men and women are braced for impact way more often than any actual impact actually occurs. 

The boss calls you into her office and you brace for impact. 

The speech is supposed to happen next Friday and you spend a week bracing for impact.

Your lover appears to be upset and unhappy... you brace for impact. 

All the clenching and imagining and play acting and anxiety... constantly being played out to us in our "negative minded" culture has fooled us into "thinking" that this is a good thing... that it is a form of preparation.

It is not. 

It is merely experiencing failure in advance... failure that rarely happens.

And you are constantly being primed 24/7 and priming yourself by "if" and "what if?"... and the cleaver... "what would happen if?"... and the really smart one... "Imagine what would happen if...?"... and the old time favorite... BUT?

When you walk around constantly braced for impact... you are dramatically decreasing your "opportunities"... in any shape or form.

Because... you are constantly "priming" your "brain" to make the very thing you do not want to happen... TO HAPPEN!

You are dramatically reducing the "opportunities" to avoid the outcomes you fear. 

Your opportunities to make a positive difference. 

And your "opportunities" to breathe and "connect" with others is greatly diminished.

The opportunity for WIN WIN... will not be there.

Being constantly "braced for impact"... means you have set yourself up for "failure"... even before you have taken the fist step... you LOSE!

Now... imagine what would happen if you "reframed" your thoughts in a DIFFERENT way?

Will you do that...?

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely


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