An Ejaculation A Day Can Help Keep Prostate Cancer At Bay! 

By Ange Fonce

A very different article for the Dynamic Express Magazine this time... one you would expect to be more at home in The Intimate Communion Magazine... yes this article does touch on sexing... yet very much from a health perspective... especially male health.

I am constantly reading up on Scientific Research papers for my own professional and personal development.

And I come across a very interesting study from the Epidemiology Department at Harvard University USA... Ejaculation Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk and it had me thinking about the methods I teach men about ejaculation and non ejaculation orgasms... in general it has been known and I have said myself that there is nothing wrong with ejaculating as often as you enjoy it... either through sexing or masturbation... because there is great psychological and emotion benefits to orgasms.
And in my professional practice I teach men exercises for learning how to have non ejaculatory orgasms which as the name implies means that you have an orgasm without ejaculation.
The REASON for learning how to have orgasm without ejaculation as a man is that when you do not ejaculation... there is no REFRACTORY PERIOD which is the period that 30... 120 minutes following after ejaculation where you cannot maintain your erection and you lose interest in sexing... which means that when you do this practice you can maintain an erection and continue having sexing as long as you want and have as many orgasms as you can handle.

Which is GREAT and FUN for both you and your LOVER!

And I recommend when you are learning how to have non ejaculatory orgasms you should abstain from ejaculation for at least a week... 10 days for men of age 45 + and I personally regularly practice a regimen where I ejaculate once about every 7...10 days in order to maximize my non ejaculatory orgasms as it heightens my libido and the quality of my erections...  this practice WORKS and it is extremely enjoyable.
Yet in reading this latest and most complete research... men who ejaculate more than 21 times a month have a LOWER RISK FOR PROSTATE CANCER and this is extremely significant finding!
While prostate cancer is generally not fatal for most men who get it... many men DO get it... in fact many men who have prostate cancer do not even know they have it they just suffer from some of the symptoms as they age and it does not kill them... the numbers look like this 1 in 3 men will have it by the time they reach their 50s will have prostrate cancer and  80% of men will have it by their 70s.
And the symptoms include loss of sexing function having difficulty achieving erection which is also a sign of sugar diabetes by the way and frequent need to pee... which can mess up your sleep which leads to a series of many other problems... like being over stressed and sleep deprivation.
And even if you are not in your 50s now... you are not going to want these problems when you get to your 50s... if not earlier.
And here is the kicker... while the probabilities of getting prostrate cancer in your 50s are about 1 in 3... 30% there is virtually NOTHING that is PROVEN to lower the risk... even if you eat healthily and work out regularly... many supplements and herbs particularly lycopene from cooked tomatoes are seen as promising to help reduce the risk... yet there is NO REAL EVIDENCE that anything has been proven to be effective until now.
This study shows a decrease in risk of prostrate cancer by 20% in men of all ages... all activity levels and all ethnicities from ejaculating at least 21 times a month.
How significant do I think this is?
Well it has been a game changer for me and I have started to transform my own habits to ejaculate at least 5 times week... I am in very good health and I intend to keep it that way... yes it makes maintaining non ejaculatory orgasm much more challenging for me now and on balance I think it is worth it... being healthy and experiencing ejaculating orgasms and lots of enjoyable love making... against the ability to constantly maintain an erection?

My health and enjoying wins out...  plus there is a lot more to sexing than orgasms now obviously you may decide otherwise... this is a very personal decision.
And for the majority of my readers and Dynamic Lifers I would say this gives you a very good reason to keep your lover up late in more ways then one... smiles and make love a lot more frequently or just break out the lube and enjoy yourself.

And what I found interesting and amusing when reading this paper.. that for all the medical research... there has been a natural way all along for lowering the risks of prostrate cancer... something us men have been doing all the time ejaculating... just make sure you do it more often!

Take care of your Health and Love making. 

You have the Dynamic Power!

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