Always Trust Your Intuition 

By Ange Fonce

I want to talk about that gut feeling you get... you know the one that I am talking about. 

It is that little warning sign that you get... usually in the form of a feeling that tells you that something is not quite right. 

I was reminded of this when I was looking after a friends puppy dog and I had a repairman come to my home to fix the washing machine. 

The dog who is still a puppy... was not acting like her usual crazy self when the repair man came to the door. 

She was actually fairly calm... it could have been because I was calm and I greeted him at the door so he never had the opportunity to knock or ring the bell. 

She was still curious of course... wanting to sniff him and all that and when I put her in my office room she kind of lost interest and went to sleep. 

I think animals are very good at picking up on whether someone is safe to be around or not... call it their finely tuned animal instincts... yet it has been true and fairly accurate with any dog that I have owned. 

And we humans have those same animal instincts too that have been honed over many tens of thousands of years and while it is true that we do not have to worry about being some other animals lunch or dinner... our primal brain is still doing its job. 

So while the repairman was there I struck up a conversation with him about some of the houses that he has been in... as part of my work is often going into peoples so I could relate to him. 

He mentioned one house that totally creeped him out... so much so that after he looked at the washer toward a back room in the house... he said he grabbed the heaviest wrench that he had and quickly walked right out of the house... he said the owner just gave him a bad vibe and I smiled as I got were he was coming from. 

Although you may not follow it all of the time it is always good to acknowledge that feeling... you are getting it for a reason... the animal in you is sensing that something is amiss and not feeling safe

And despite how advanced we have become in our ability to communicate with each other... much of our communication occurs on a subconscious level... that is part of the reason why you get those feelings deep down inside... your primal brain is tuned to pick up these things and send that gut feeling way faster than the cognitive functioning part of your brain can form a thought... it is the fight or flight function that keeps you alive. 

There are just some things that people do either intentionally or unintentionally that can set off those subconscious primal triggers. 

So when I when I meet people or I am working with them I am very conscious of the language that I use and what I teach others that would not inadvertently set off those alarms that would have others running from you. 

In order to get to know and to influence and persuade others it helps if they do not run away from you! 

You actually want people to feel relaxed around you so that they start to trust you and lower their guard and become more receptive to what you have to say. 

And in future articles I will be going into just how important your own inner mental and emotional state is... in either attracting or repelling others before you have even said a word.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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