A Interesting Person is an Passionate Person

By Ange Fonce

One of the greatest moments you will have when studying personal development is this...

You will approach someone you were initially intimidated by and you two will generate thoughtful conversation and then you will hear some variation this sentence: 

“You are one of the most interesting people I have met in years.”

You might think that the great moment will be some feat and it is not... it is the moment when someone recognizes you for who you are... an interesting person.

What makes you interesting?

Passion For Your Life. 

Now that might sound vague and it is and let us be honest when someone is passionate about something and they are able to convey it you could probably sit and listen to them for quite a while. 

Just think of TED talk speakers... here is one on technology and love... a topic that most of you never really thought about listening to a lecture on... 

Interesting right?

If this woman can make you become interested in technology and love for 20 minutes... do you think you could learn how to capture someone elses attention on a topic that you are really passionate about?

You can the question is how?

So how do you convey your interests in the best way possible?

By sharing your unique perspective of the things you love... through storytelling... the more capable you are of expressing that perspective the more interesting you will be. 

Here are a few things you can do to develop those stories... leave out the technical jargon and insert memories... lessons and moments.

Technical stuff is for people who are passionate about the exact same thing as you. 

For example... 

Engineering jargon might be interesting to another engineer and not to someone who has no education in the science... what is interesting to most people is that as engineers you may be building something that will outlive us all and become a part of history... so tell a story without reciting history. 

A good story does not need to involve every fact... every contradiction and every moment of confusion that exists in our personal histories... they only need the facts that are relevant to the story you are telling.

Make sure your stories have a beginning... middle and end... this might seem obvious and we all have a friend who cannot finish a story or does not know why he or she telling it.

Think about what your story conveys as every story contains some fragments of who you are and think about what your story says about you and decided if you want to change the way you tell it to enhance it  and if you missed out on previous articles I have written on storytelling.

Check out the link below...

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