7 Things Successful Men And Women Do Constantly 

By Ange Fonce

Are you one of those men or women who hopes to get lucky... or wishes things would “change” when suffering misfortune... do you often look at other people who are seemingly and effortlessly gain “success”... wishing you... yourself could be so lucky. 

Yet... are you getting the “whole story”... and missing out the “hard won” challenges that rarely reveal themselves in the wake of the “successful appearance” of others.

Aside from those fortunate few who are born into great wealth... or stumbling into amazingly rare opportunities... that they were in the right place... at the right time... for the right opportunity... most successful people “create” their own ”success.” 

Without the use of any kind of “magic”... or “wishing” and “hoping”... successful men and women... simply conduct themselves with an “opportunistic attitude”... in other words recognising an “opportunity” when it presents itself... or creating their own “opportunities”... and taking ACTION... coupled with “motivation”... “persistence” and a strong “work ethic”... to SUCCEED!

In other words... they NEVER give up... they make things HAPPEN! 

Here are seven ways you can put to use now to “create”... you own “success” on a regularly basis... it does not matter if your success is big or small to start with... once you get into the habit of “creating success”... it becomes "natural behaviour" to you. 

1... Have Clear Boundaries And Standards For Yourself...

If you cannot “identify” when “opportunity” presents itself to you... it will just fly right by... “opportunities” are all around you... the trick... is to “recognise” which are the “best ones” for you and will return you the “greatest benefit”... many seemingly unlucky people are needlessly wasting “time” and “resources” chasing them indiscriminately. 

Successful people “know” exactly what they are looking for and do not waste their time and resources for "possibilities" that do not fit with their "goals”... and “purpose”... they have a “committed plan" that allows them to filter out anything that smells of a dead end... anything which involves “wishing” or “hoping” is the “dead end road... to “no where.”

Know what you want... know where you are going... know how to get there... know how to make it happen... and GET IT DONE!

2... Observe The World Outside Of Yourself...

If your nose is buried deep in your own business... it is hard to be AWARE of what is going on around you and “real opportunities” will be missed. 

Successful people are always "aware" of what is happening... and have their hand on the “pulse of events”... they not only possess “personal awareness”... they also possess “social awareness” too... the more they observe... the easier it is for them to take “advantage” of trends and patterns... that they have recognised.

What may look supremely "smart” may simply be “personal and social awareness” and taking “advantage” of the “opportunities”... in possessing that “awareness” presents. 

3... Never Assume Anything...

How often have your “assumptions” ever turned out to be “100% correct or even 10% correct?”

Those men and women who "assume" the world is a “bad place” and unfair... where the odds are stacked against them are sure to experience life that way... they possess a “poverty mindset” so they live their life that way... in “poverty.” 

Successful men and women... possess an “abundance mindset”... they view the world as being full of “opportunities”... and their minds are always “inquiring”... seeking out what is “new” to “know” and “understand” and "how" they can use that "knowledge" and "understanding" to their "best advantage."

They take nothing for granted and  never “assume” anything... they want to explore the “possibilities”... even when they think they might actually have it all figured out... they know there is always more to “learn”... “know” and “understand.”

As many a great “thinker” has come to the conclusion off...

“Do not believe me... do not believe anything... KNOW the TRUTH for yourself.”

4... Invest Time And Space For Yourself To Be Productive...

Many people pass on “great opportunities” because they are simply too full... their life is too “busy” wasting TIME... with meaningless or inefficient activity. 

Successful people "understand" the need to INVEST TIME... so they always have time and resources available for the “opportunity” that presents itself... or they “create” for themselves. 

They work hard to be as “productive” and “efficient” as possible so they can “capitalize quickly” and “effectively” on the “best opportunity” for themselves when it comes along in... and they can take “advantage” of that “opportunity.”

5... Break With Routine And Ring The Changes...

People who walk the same path every day may take great comfort in the routine... yet they will rarely see and “experience”... any new and “exciting stimulus”. 

Successful people “change things up" with great regularity... they are always looking to explore “new experiences”... and to “know” and “understand” as much of the world as they can... once they have “mastered” a place or skill... it is time to expand their "understanding"... and move on to “new experiences”... and “master” them... successful people are ALWAYS LEARNING and growing their EXPERIENCE!

6... Learn And Understand The Teachings Of Life Lessons...

Most of us experience unfortunate circumstances at some point in our lives...  this is often unintentionally “self inflicted”... or “life events”... way beyond our “influence” to control... those that “think” they are unlucky... and life is “unfair” to them.... are those who “wallow” in “self pity” of the tragedy... and “cripple” themselves from being able to bounce back. 

Successful people “understand” that even the worst events can provide “productive insight” and “learning” from  life lessons.

I have always regarded “failure” as an “opportunity for learning”... and when you “learn” from your “failures”... they turn into your “stepping stones” towards “acquiring success” and also serve as an  “inner strength building” experience. 

Most “successful” men and women  bear the “battle scars” of “failure” and have used these “opportunities” to “learn” the “realizations” that result from “experiencing” the “life school of hard knocks.”

7... Enjoy The Experience Of Your Life Journey...

Many people “waste energy”...time and effort... “worry and stressing” over what has yet to happen... when “successful” people acquire their goals... they “enjoy” the pleasant aspects of their achievements... also “successful” men and women “understand” that the “true rewards” come from the “learning experience” they gain from “walking the walk” in acquiring their goals and completing their projects. 

They enjoy the time spent with “like minded” people and the “fun and enjoyment” of the actual work... they derive great joy from the simple activities of every day... to them the “great accomplishments” are short lived... pleasant plateaus to enjoy...before the next exciting and fulfilling adventure.

And really is that not the “joy” of lifes “great adventure”... CREATING the LIFE EXPERIENCE... you want to LIVE... accompanied by many worthy people.

Now... that is being a SUCCESS!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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