5 Thinking Habits That Block Your Success And Lead To Constant Failure 

By Ange Fonce

These common ways of “thinking” will constantly “frustrate” you and thwart any attempt to “personally develop” yourself and “thwart” your attempts to “acquire” your goals and "ultimate success.!”

Creating success is not just about doing what works and following “procedures”... it is also about avoiding what does not work and “solving problems” that “block” you... and often the BIGGEST block to acquiring your goals and creating “success” for your self is your own “habits” of “thinking”...  if you “indulge” yourself with the following “5 thinking habits”... they will make your life very “difficult” and block any “opportunities” to acquire “success.” 

1... Making Assumptions And Mind Reading...

There is a difference between “mind reading” and “empathy”... men and women who constantly engage in trying to read minds... usually do not “listen”... and constantly make “false assumptions” about other people... they cut the other person off in “mid sentence”... because they “think” they "already know" what the other person will say...  they then respond to their “own thoughts” rather than what the other person “actually said”... they are usually “ego centric”... in other words all about  “themselves” and usually lack “personal” and “social awareness” and “people skills.”

Do this instead... practice and “evolve” the skill of  “active listening”... social awareness... people skills”...  and “empathy”... be “curious” about the other person... which includes what the other person is ACTUALLY saying.

2... Lack Of Self Discipline And Impatience...

Actively pursuing your goals is one thing... yet lacking “discipline” and “fretting” over not  “acquiring” them in an instant... makes you less able and likely to achieve them...  this is especially true when you are dependent on other people in what I call “agreement goals”... in other words you need the “agreement” of another person or persons to “acquire” a “personal goal”... because “impatience” can easily turn to “frustration” and “resentment”... that  lead to “unkind words”... "misunderstanding" and “disagreement” that will wreck your “opportunity” for “success”... and will also damage your relationships.

Do this instead... “focus” on the “process”...  once you have set and “agreed your goal”... set your goal aside and “concentrate” on “executing” each step of your plan with “discipline” to acquire your goal..

3... Stubbornness And The Inability To Change Direction...

This consists of “pursuing a strategy” or “tactic” even when all the “evidence” is showing it is not working or going to work... you just “stubbornly” carry on piling failure onto more failure... and refusing to "change" even after you know in your heart of hearts... that you are failing... because you do not want to admit that you made a “mistake” or that you have “wasted” your “resources” unwisely... you end up "throwing good money after bad"... and wasting HUGE amounts of yours and others “valuable resources” and “precious time.” 

Do this instead... learn to “let go”... learn to be “flexible”... learn to be “adaptable” to “changing circumstances”... learn to be "dynamic"... do not just let go of the past... learn to “love” the “process of letting go”... “developing” and “transforming” yourself.

4... Lack Of Confidence And Trust In Yourself...

It is been said that "fools rush in where angels fear to tread" and in certain circumstances very wise advice... in life though... the real foolishness is “fearing” to tread beyond your “comfort zone” and to “develop” and “transform” into new areas of life that can really “benefit” you and realise your “fullest potential”...  there is no “reward” without taking “risks” and “faint hearts” never win the “prize” of acquiring “personal success.”

Do this instead... be “open” to considering ALL your “options”... if your gut instinct says NO... trust your “intuition”... yet “question” your fears... "learn" from what they are telling you... using a combination of “intuition” which is known in psychology as the “adaptive unconscious” with the combination of logical cognitive “outcome based thinking”... you usually find the best “opportunity”.. the way “forward” for you... and “develop” the “confidence” and “trust” to move beyond your “comfort zone.”

A Note of “caution” here... just doing “what feels right” or “just do it” or “follow your heart”  is 99% of the time... a “surefire” way to get yourself into one “hell of a mess.”

Hearts do not “think”... emotions do not “think”... BRAINS DO!

5... Pessimism...

Pessimistic people like to “think” they are being realistic... yet they are looking at the world through “crap coloured glasses”... which is just as bad as those people who are “overly optimistic” and look at the world through “rose tinted glasses” and the solution to everything is “positive thinking”... yes possessing a “positive attitude” is an asset... yet both “pessimism” and “optimism” are not “accurate thinking”... they are both a “distorted” view of the world... “accurate thinking” leaves you open to “new ideas... opportunities” and “development learning” experience. 

Being “pessimistic” all the time just forces you to stew in your own “bitter resentful juices” and makes life a “miserable experience” for you and others.

Do this instead... take some “action” every day to make your “life experience” just a little happier... and open yourself up to “develop” the “enjoyment” of “pleasurable experiences” and gain a more “accurate” and “real perspective” on life.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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