5 "Insider Social Courting" Tips To Look FABULOUS
On A First Meet Up With A Man

By Ange Fonce

Every woman who has pride in herself wants to look her best when “meeting up” with a man in a “social courting” setting...  so I am sharing with you five ways to make sure you look your absolute best when you “meet up” with your man... all of which are INSIDER tips which will help you look that “extra special”... and I know work.

1... Sleep...

I know you work too hard and possibly play hard too... the popular mantra these days is "sleep when you are dead."

Yet... there is a BIG problem with that attitude to working and playing... when you go out to “meet up” with a man... after not having had enough rest... you basically look “half dead” and "washed out" already.

Seriously... it shows... your eyes look sullen and have dark circles under them... you lack the kind of "charismatic radiance" you would have had if you had more sleep.

When you are well rested you not only look healthier and more alive... your wit is sharper and your "feminine glow" is in full effect. 

You are just more attractive all around.

2... Workout...

A lot of women do take seriously their fitness and health these days... and this is one a learnt from a female fitness coach... who... when ever we “meet up”... would just have this “radiant glow” about her... and I asked her... how come she looked so “fresh and glowing?”

Her “secret”... as she said... was to go to the gym about 2 hours before the time she was due to “meet up”... and do  a 30 minute “intensive” work out... as a "pre game warm up" before meeting a man... it toned her up... got her blood flowing... and raised her energy level... which made her look  "fresher and healthier."

I cannot explain the effect exactly... just like getting some sleep has entirely positive effects on your appearance and your attitude... so does mixing in a workout before a “meet up”... it adds to your "glow."

This goes DOUBLE if you are meeting a man sometime after a long day at work... and I personally adopted her strategy... and do that myself now by the way.

And women comment on how “fresh and glowing” I look when “meeting up.”

3... Get The "Eye Drops" Out...

OK... here is an "insiders secret" for you... I learned from an actress friend... get some “extra strength” eye drops and USE THEM right before you leave the house.

I know this sounds crazy... yet men focus on a woman's eyes like you would not think... every bit as much as a woman will focus on a men eyes... one drop in each eye will make your eyes clearer and sharper... this will enhance your appearance in a way that will MATTER to a man. 

Plus...  you will look noticeably younger and healthier also... the caveat is to use this tip sparingly... and when it matters most. 

You do not want to get into the habit of using eye drops all the time.

4... Get the BLACK out...

Unless you have been to some style expert who called you out as a rare exception... most women look GREAT when they wear black. 

Throw anything you have heard about being a "summer" or a "winter" person... etc... out the window... break out the most tasteful "little black dress" you have... preferably solid colour... and WEAR IT.

It is a GOLDEN STANDARD timeless classic for a reason... it is virtually infallible... and always looks great!

5... Music...

Having talked about sleep and hitting the gym... it should be apparent by now that maximizing the probability of bringing a POSITIVE ATTITUDE into your “meeting up” with a man is HUGE

How you FEEL is written ALL OVER how you look on the outside.

So... whether you are driving to meet him or waiting for him to pick you up... listen to your absolute favourite music... and crank it up... just make sure you get a solid dose of it before “meeting up”... with him.

Music has a tangibly effect on your mood... and “mind set”... you have invested a lot of time and effort to look “physically beautiful"... so equally invest the time in in having your “mind and mood” in a beautiful place too.

Show up smiling and glowing... instead of cold or distracted... the “meet up”  will end better for you and him... that way there will be more to come.

Some of what I just shared with you may sound a bit unorthodox... then again... they are five INSIDER tips of ways to maximize your appearance when you go “social courting”... and "meeting up" with a man.

So brush your teeth... use mouthwash... go through the typical "checklist" and get typical results.

Add in the INSIDER steps that I shared with you above and you will BOOST your results when “social courting” … and “meeting up” with men... try them... and let me know how it turns out for you.

PS... apart from the "little black dress"... these INSIDER tips work just as well for men too... I personally use them... as for that “little black dress”... hmm... maybe one day... smiles.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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