4 Ways To Build Attraction When Social Courting
Using Humour 
Part 2 

"Using Context" 

By Ange Fonce

Following on from the last article where I shared with “how” to build “attraction” using “subtext”... I want to share with you some ways to build “attraction” when you are “social courting”... using “context”... yet first I want you to "imagine" this scenario...
Let us say you are talking to a member of the "opposite sex" and the “conversation” is flowing... you have some things in “common” with them... they are easy to talk to and everything seems to be going pretty well... after ten or twenty minutes or even an hour of "friendly conversation"... they then tell you they have to get going... so you take out your phone and get their phone number. 
You figure this person LIKES you... seeing him or her again should not be a problem... yet when you text them or call them the next day... you do not get a response... or if you do get a response... he or she cannot remember who you are at first... and when you try to ask them to “meet up”... he or she tells you they are extremely busy this week and next week... and the week after that...as far as going to “meet up” with you again... they are apparently booked up for the next 40 years.
What is up with this? 

How come a man or woman can seem "into" you during that first “conversation” and then they treat you like you like a telemarketer with garlic breath when you call to see them again?
It comes down to one word... you might have made them "laugh"... they may have found you “interesting” to talk to... and you “failed” to make them “feel” any ATTRACTION... and in order for a them to feel that deep undeniable... “gut level attraction”... they need to feel one thing...  SEXUAL TENSION.

The words "sexual tension" might sound to you like a bad thing... and it is not... it is a “good thing”... and  what it really means is... he or she has starting to “feel attracted” to you... and they are not sure whether you feel the same way about them. 
Sexual tension develops when he or she starts to WANT you... and they do not “know” if they can HAVE you... and most men and women want what they cannot have! 

They "love" a man or a woman who is a "challenge"... this is one of the big reasons why "confident" men and women who are “playful” and “self assured” and obviously have a lot of “sexual options” and are able to “attract” others “effortlessly”... because they are “sexually attractive” to others on a “gut level”... even if they could be the wrong kind of “personality” for them to be in a “relationship” with!
This is why in order to “build attraction”... you need to "shift gears" at some point during the “conversation” and start “teasing” them and “framing” yourself as a CHALLENGE... the PRIZE to be WON... you cannot let the “conversation” stay stuck in "neutral."
Here is the Basic Formula... 

Talk to him or her for a little while and get to know them... so that they “feel comfortable" with you, and THEN you start "teasing" him or her and "acting" like you are "not sure" about them. 
You make him or her “feel” that they have to EARN a spot on "your team"... and this is where the level of “sexual tension” goes through the roof!
Here Are Playful Ways To Help You Build Attraction...
Mention how you two could never be together...
"You and I definitely have a lot of chemistry... yet we could never be boyfriend and girlfriend... we are way too much alike... we would be breaking up all the time... and then having wild make up sex and destroying all of my expensive furniture.. it is probably not a good idea."
"It is too bad I swore off getting together with a man like you."
"You are a nice girl...you really should not be hanging out with a man like me... I could get you in all kinds of trouble." 
"You are such a sweet guy...you should probably be talking to a nice girl like the one over there... I am more like the woman your mum and dad warned you about." 
All of the above can be used by a man or a woman... of course change the wording... use “man” instead of “woman" and visa versa... or you are going to get some very strange looks... and if you do manage to "screw" things up by saying the wrong "sex"... just "smile" sweetly... look them in the eye... and calmly say...

"Hey... I swing both ways."

That is guaranteed to "spice" things up!

This one is very "powerful" when you use it on a woman... “accuse” her of “hitting” on you... this is a personal favourite of mine and I use it often... “why” does it work so well... women get “hit on” all the time by men... and most men never “pick up” on the “vibe” when a woman is “hitting on” them... so when you do and you “say it” to a woman... it sends a message... the “subtext”... that you are a Man that “knows” and “understands” women and you are “onto her.” 

I often add...

“Is that what you call flirting...?”

“Not impressed... you can do better... now really hit on me.”

“I dont play with girls... I prefer a woman who can do the real deal.”

Remember when you deliver such lines... it is the “context” of the delivery... fun... playful... mischievous... challenging... the “non verbal language” can be far more powerful in “context” and “subtext” ... than the “verbal” language you as using!
If  it is time to get him or her a drink... or they offer to buy you one... say... 

"Okay... one drink... and now promise you will not try to take advantage of me."  
"It is going to take more than a drink to get me into bed... I expect dinner and a movie at least." 
If he or she “touches” you... you can say... 

"Hey... hands off the merchandise... you have not proved you can afford me... yet!” 
When he or she asks you a question... say... 

"You are totally hitting on me right now... that is one of the questions I ask women when I am hitting on them.”

“It is okay... I just want you to know I expect you to buy me dinner and a movie before anything happens." 
Employ them... Fire them... Method...
When he or she mentions something that they “good at”... or an area where they are “experienced” in... tell then you are "hiring" them to “help you” with it... this “frames you” as the more “powerful one” in the “conversation”... and gives you a “reason” to "fire" them at any time... in a “playful way.” 
"You seem like a smart girl who is on the ball... I am hiring you as my personal assistant."
"So you know about all the nightclubs... I am hiring you... as my personal man assistant... from now on you are my personal party planner whenever I have friends come to town... or I am going out." 
You get the "idea"... you can "hire" him or her to do anything... you can make him or her your personal party planner... fashion stylist... gym trainer or website designer... basically anything you "pick up" on that they are “good at”... the “fun part” is that when he or she says something corny or lame... you can "fire" him or her... in a “fun” way... 
"Oh my... what... did you just say that... that is sooo dumb... you are fired... tell the good looking woman over there in the red dress she can submit her resume... your post is now open." 
Play with him or her in “fun way”... the thing is... you are sending the message... “subtext” in the “context” of “play... humour” and “fun”... that you are the one “calling the shots”... as long as you “invested time”... BEFORE you “up the energy” to “teasing” you have made them “feel comfortable” with you and “interested"... these types of lines will “create sexual tension” and make him or her want to PROVE themselves to you. 
Use A Point System... Method...

My own version of this is to award “coconuts.”

A person... usually women... although I do use it with men in the right "context"... will get a “bronze coconut” when they have been “smart.” 

A “silver coconut” when they have been “very smart.”

A “gold coconut” when they have “really smart.”

And a “truck load” of coconuts” when they have been “intelligent.”

It is done with "humour" and “fun”... and it shows “appreciation” when the other person has done something or been “really cool” and they meet "your approval."

Here is “how” you can use the “points system.”
"Okay... I am going to ask you something and be careful how you answer... because this answer is worth ten points...." 

Whatever “your question” is... if he or she answers it "correctly" tell them... they have earned ten points... and if he or she gets up to fifty points... they will "win a bonus"...which can be maybe a drink or more... this now becomes a “theme” that runs through the “conversation”... deduct points for “lame answers”... award points for “good ones.” 

They now have a "goal" to WIN the PRIZE... which can be YOU!
You are building “rapport” and “compliance” at the same time and sending a message... the “subtext” that they have to “impress you”... not the other way around... you are making him or her want to “earn” your “approval”... that YOU are the PRIZE to be WON!

And it will be your “choice” if you let them WIN the PRIZE or not... that they are “worthy” of WINNING YOU!

When you start "framing" your “conversations” this way... using “subtext” and framing “context”... you will find it much easier to build “attraction” on a “sexual level”... that you are a Man or Woman of HIGH VALUE... the PRIZE to be WON... instead of being the "nice guy" or “nice girl”... the "friend"...he or she has no interest in being “sexual" with. 

In other words... "friend zoned!"

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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