4 Personality Types That Are Are Secretly Highly Toxic 

By Ange Fonce

I have written before about the more obvious toxic personality types you can spot without to much difficulty.
Yet there are 4 personality types that on the surface appear fine, not because they demand attention, it is their ability to fly under your radar... and that makes them a lot more difficult to spot.

First let us deal with...

The Chameleon

In the animal kingdom, the Chameleon changes colour in order to escape notice. In the business and relationship world, the chameleon changes roles in order avoid work and responsibility. He or she gets themselves involved in many groups, roles and projects.

They then use that fact to justify never taking any action within any of the projects they are involved in or taking no responsibility in their personal relationships because they are "stressed to the max" due to the "huge workload" that they taken on... they give the “impression” of being extremely busy... while doing as little as possible.

Yet when praise comes, the Chameleon is right there claiming credit for "helping" all those achieve their goals.

The Chameleon is usually a charming “con” artist.

The best way to deal with a Chameleon is to assign specific projects that require the Chameleon to work solo and have ambitious deadlines. Use surprise "status update" meetings, and keep them “accountable” to their tasks... to prevent the Chameleon from getting other people to do their work.

And more specifically... conning YOU into doing their work.

Next up...

The Ornament

In the everyday world, an ornament, of course, is something you use to “decorate” your surroundings... in business and relationships, Ornaments are people... most often women... who get by on their looks rather than on their “intelligence” and contribution.

In other words great “packaging” with little content. 

There are two types...

Female Ornaments tend to be the “model looking types”... men especially are very fascinated by the Ornament's appearance and are easy prey to her as she can get them do to anything she wants.


Because these women, to give them credit know how to make best use of their biggest asset... their physical beauty being extremely "easy on the eyes"... especially when the eyes were mostly male. 

There know how to “manipulate” others to get them to do what they want and giving little or no “value” in return.

Female ornament's are usually found on the arms of a guy who parades her around as “eye candy” to say “look what I have got”... little knowing that once he has been bled dry and of no use to her.

She is gone lining up her next victim.

Male Ornaments have the tall, square jawed, perfect hair, perfect suit appearance that immediately identifies them as authoritative and business like.

Again like the female ornament... great packaging with usual little or no content.

He is just as deadly as his female counter part... charming and friendly on the surface, deadly and ruthless underneath.

While the female ornament is more about gaining material wealth... he is more about gaining power and domination... in any way.

Both are narcissistic and cunning in character and possess the ability to “charm” their way under your radar. And be under no illusion that once you have served your purpose to them... it will be like you never existed.

And now...

The Ball and Chain

In history, a ball and chain was a weight clamped around a prisoner's leg so that he or she could not run fast enough to escape. In any kind of relationship, a Ball and Chain is a person... man or woman who always points out the problems of anything you want to do and tells you not to do that. 

They are adept at creating “reasons”... ostensibly to lessen risk, yet their hidden purpose is to strengthen their stranglehold over the relationship. If left unchecked, they can dominate the relationship totally so that it becomes impossible to do anything at all... without their say so.

They are the ultimate “kill joy” of any fun that involves any element of risk.

Ball and Chains can be difficult to deal with, because usually they are intelligent and use the argument that they are only looking out for your interests.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to limit their toxicity. 

Let them assess risk, give you an opinion, thank them for their advice... and then YOU decide what YOU want to do. 

Ball and Chains can only weigh you down if you take their advice as gospel and let them control you.

And finally... the most deadliest one of all...

The Energy Vampire

In fiction, a vampire appears to be human and thrives on the blood of others. In relationships, the energy Vampire appears to be a positive contributor, yet they thrive on the negative emotions of others.

On the surface... energy Vampires are always "helpful"... they help people understand what could go wrong... they help people see that disaster is inevitable... they help so much that the very people who they are “helping” are drawn tightly into their web and have their life drained right out of them... so becoming totally dependent on the energy Vampire... who is there to “help” them?

Energy Vampires are equally "helpful" when meeting one to one. They get friendly with multiple individuals and then turn them all against each other. Energy Vampires often set themselves up as the “wise sage”... guru types who are always ready to hear complaints, especially those that will foment more conflict... and offer their “helpful” advice.

They are the archetypal manipulators, deceivers and top “game players”... you always “owe” and are indebted to an energy Vampire for their “helpfulness”... you are never allowed to "forget" just how "helpful" they are.

An energy Vampire will create major discord without anybody being fully aware that the energy Vampire is responsible... the energy Vampire so cleverly foists negativity into any situation that everyone assumes that the negative feelings are genuinely their own.

And the more negative energy they generate in people... the more powerful the “helpful” energy Vampire is.

The difficulty with dealing with an energy Vampire is that usually he or she is popular, since almost everybody thinks of the energy Vampire as a “helpful” friend and ally. 

Usually there is only one way to deal with this very toxic personality type for whom the only cure is to banish them from your life completely.

And never... ever look back.

Thank you.

May you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic Day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth! 

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