3 Ways To Avoid The Friend Zone When Courting

By Ange Fonce

I am sure you have experienced The Friend Zone at least once in your life and “understand” that it is a very difficult place to find your way out of once you find yourself there.

The Friend Zone occurs when a person you want to be “intimate” with... has labeled you as Just A Friend. 

Awful right?

First let us talk about the WHY you end up in the Friend Zone or have a habit of being placed there. 

Reasons may include...

1... Being too nice... too sweet... too accommodating and constantly agreeing...

"Oh yeah... exactly... totally... I completely agree."

2... Over Complimenting.

3... Being too eager

4... He or she is already “courting” someone else they are being “intimate” with.

5... And simply...  not all people are going to be "attracted" to you

6... You have not set up boundaries for what you will or will not accept

And the most common reason you are going to get put in the Friend Zone is because you are not demanding to be in any other zone.

I am going to tell you exactly what you need to not only avoid the friend zone and also get out of it if you are currently stuck!

You need to have...

1... Self Respect... The “trust” that you are worthy of great things 

2... Confidence... Knowing you will get what you want

3... Ability To Be Direct... say it as it really is for you.

1... Self Respect...

Those with little to no “self respect” for themselves typically end up in the Friend Zone for nearly all of their lives... this is because they are unable to “trust” that they are worthy of “great” things.

Until they are able to “trust” that they deserve “great” things they will not be able to ask for anything.

Try listing 5 awesome things about yourself... do not be shy be “honest.”

These 5 things are “reasons” that you deserve “respect”... especially from yourself... once you “respect” yourself others will follow.

2... Confidence...

Once you can understand and TRUST that you are worthy of great things the next step is to “know” that you can get what you want... that means if you see a  man or a woman you want to be with you... you need to “trust” that you will get him or her.

Again... if you do not “trust” in yourself, how is he or  she going to “trust” in you?

3... Ability To Be Direct...

This is the physical part of the process... once you “know” that you are awesome and that others will “think” you are awesome as well... you have to figure out how to approach them to ask for what you want.

What you want is not the Friend Zone... it is “courting... sexing... relationship... love" so ask for it... "know" you are worthy of getting it and be okay if you do not.

No more beating around the bush and waiting for the perfect moment... that is putting your wants in someone elses control... take “control” yourself and be direct and ask for what you want.

For example... 

Instead of asking... 

"What are you up to this weekend?" 

Instead say... 

"I want to take you out this weekend." 

Ask for a direct... Yes or No... then you “know” and you can choose “how” you want to move forward.

Once you work on the 3 things that I have listed and you are able to own these attributes and put them to practice... I “know” you will cut down the risk of finding yourself remotely close to the friend zone ever again!
And while we are on this theme...

3 Deadly Relationship Mistakes 
That Will Get You In The BINNED Zone...

If there was a way to predict if the man or woman you loved would turn on you one day... then these are the 3 signs I would pay attention to... when these accumulate in a "relationship"... they become like a cancer to “intimacy.” 

It is not possible to never experience any of these... and it is possible to pay “attention” so you do not wake up one day and hear him or her say... 

"I am sorry... I do not love you anymore."

1... Resentment... this is the real acid that eats away at “relationships” and occurs when someone “feels” they have given more than they are receiving... I am not talking about a single incident... what occurs over time. 

Often resentment takes months to build up as one partner “feels” that they are consistently giving to the other without much “appreciation.” 

The scary part is often this builds up slowly until it becomes so intense that even the slightest provocation can make the person “feel” that they no longer want to continue the “relationship.”

2... Criticism... here is a ratio that is worth remembering... make sure you do not criticize a man or a woman any more than you praise him... and if you do "feel" the need to criticize... make it “constructive criticism” and not “destructive criticism.” 

If you do... then he or she will “feel” like you are trying to be their mother or father and before you say it….stop saying to him or her and yourself that you are only trying to help them... he or she does not want you to help them that way... they may need it at times... and do not forget he wants you to be just as observant when they do something well.

3...  Neglect... as you become comfortable in a "relationship"... it is easy to stop making the effort to please your partner... the biggest cause of “neglect” is the habit of “mind reading.” 

That is when your man or woman does something you like... and you just “assume” they know it... always remember that it was your smile and playful traits that made them want to be with you... they still craves those same “qualities”... even more when you are a couple.

Do YOU want to find out the rest and "how" to DESTROY your fears with men and women and stop ending up in The Friend Zone or the Binned Zone...  and learn the secrets of building your "personal confidence" and avoid ending up in the "dreaded" friend zone... or even worse the binned zone!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own "life" and "wealth!" 


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