3 Surprising Obstacles You Do Not Consider For
Success In Anything

By Ange Fonce

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The reasons why are many... that people who wish never acquire their goals or achieve any degree of success in their lives.

In this article we will look at 3 big obstacles that can block just about anyones success. 

Okay... now let us jump right in. 

Starting with... 


What is your baggage? 

By that I mean what are the emotional sand traps you have set for yourself or anticipate... that will ultimately hold you back down the line?

So many many people who set out on the path of acquiring their goals... personal development... career development and even want to improve their relationships... seem to have baggage that dogs them... even a few less successful people seem self programmed to destruct. 

Yet it is the newbies who want to take on personal development especially who like an unseasoned traveller... tend to over pack.

Ego... pride... insecurity... these seem to be the biggest... for a cure to your self doubt... keep reading.... 

As for pride... there are two challenges you need to watch out for... the first is the kind of egomaniacal creativity that while it leads to clever ideas it rarely leads to creative action to make your ideas real... I am talking especially about the perfectionists who procrastinate that everything has to be right and never is and so they end up never doing anything... that is the kind of baggage your life... relationships... career just cannot afford to support. 

Likewise I cannot tell you how many newbies I have worked with who just never learn to take a critique of their life... and have the courage to get on with things and take action to make things happen for themselves.

I understand you can have emotional attachments to many things... people... places... memories... yet if you cannot let go of emotional baggage you are going to have a hard time moving forward in your life... end of story... end of goals. 

What else might be holding you back?


You have probably heard the old story...

A teacher puts an empty jar on the table... next to it he has a pile of sand... a pile of pebbles and a pile of rocks... then he asks the students how to fit them all into the same jar... many try... none succeed until the teacher reveals the secret. 

First... you put in the big rocks... then the pebbles... then the sand and you can go one step further too... you can then add water... so the jar is completely full! 

Point being that you can fit in everything you want to do if you possess the sense to "invert your agenda" that is... forget about doing the small busy work so many of us do early in the morning... answering email... opening envelopes... returning calls and so on. 

Instead hit the big stuff first... immediately every day.

Here is a suggestion... go get yourself an egg timer... I have one and use it and then first thing every morning... before you do ANYTHING else beyond getting your coffee... set the timer to 33 minutes... then open up your most important goal file and dive in... if one of your goals is a fitness goal... then do a 33 minute session of workouts.

Do this two more times... focusing on your second and then third priority goal... then take a 10 minute break... after your break go back and pull the timer trick three more times... again all for 33 minutes of total focus on your top 3 big projects or goals you are working on... all told you will have invested of your FOCUSED time just under three and three quarter hours... a fraction of the time so many busy people put on the clock in a full day and that includes your 10 minute break... so by midday you will have worked productively on your highest priority projects or goals when you have the most energy... I think you will be shocked by the difference it makes... especially if you make it your policy to do the same every single day... you will be amazed at how much you accomplish and how productive you are.. instead of wasting your time just being busy. 

I am even convinced... that if you do this you will look back on it as one of the single most valuable changes you have made in your entire life... learning to constructively make effective use and investment of your time

You will also find yourself less stressed at night... happier and ultimately wealthier and I am not just talking about money here.

What is more you will still have all afternoon to take care of those small things that USED to sap your morning energy.

Here is one thing more...


There is something I come across online... a demotivational poster with a picture of basic toilet paper dispenser. 

The dispenser is empty and balanced on top is a just started roll of toilet paper... and underneath there is a caption... 

"Because somebody else will do it..." 

Yes... exactly. 

"Not my responsibility" is the bane of life world wide... with personal development there is no exception... where procrastination often looks busy and produces nothing... laziness is just about producing nothing or at least about not producing anything more than is required to get by and make do.

I know... I know... here I am trying to motivate you on the idea of making THIS moment... this time is the one you remember as the beginning of everything and to do that my job would be a lot easier if I made success look easy for you too and frankly... I cannot do that. 

The simple truth is that in anything be it fitness... relationships... career... business and everything else except taking naps... gaining good results demand good effort. 

Excellent results require HUGE effort!

Come to think of it being a good nap taker probably takes some extra effort too.

Among the greats in any field... there are few natural born geniuses...to really succeed in anything... you have to invest the hours... do the work and get it done to make it happen... or do not bother showing up at all... as Yoda says...

"Do or don't do."

And as I say...

"Do not waste your precious time... just "trying!"

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from people who WANT success... and have not even got around to even getting started... I am not naming names yet these are the otherwise smart people who tell me they have ordered the course... been to the boot camps and have downloaded the eBooks and have not quite got around to anything beyond that... it is like the person that buys the exercise bike in January... only to start using it as a towel rack by February... you can also hear them thinking... 

"Gee... exercise bikes do not really work... what piece of exercise equipment can I buy and not use next?"

You know who you are. 

And what can I do... some will say these are rough times... very rough.

Now here is where I put on my "crusty ol grandpa" mask and no I do not think I am by default crusty... and say... 

"Times like these remind me of the last big enough downturn in... blah... blah... blah." 

Those were the days when yours truly... a graduate student halfway to earning a youth work degree... going through a very painful spilt up with my then partner... living in a bedsit and working part time... I got my head down and focused... earned my degree with honours and landed myself a full time job paying a decent sum of £29000 plus for the year... which at that time was a half decent wage with the Youth Service as a Senior Detached Youth Worker... Detached Youth Work meaning that I worked on the streets and was basically independent.

I invested the time and I had to make a lot of changes and put in a lot of late nights studying books... researching and writing essays and planning projects to get there... was it worth it... yes because it was work I totally enjoyed doing... working with people and still do to this day... the difference being I now do it for myself... my own business instead of being employed by someone else.

In short if you ever craved a kick in the pants... let this be it. 

Ask yourself... if you are trying to start your career or a business or even wanting to lose weight and get fit... what have you really done so far to get there?

Do you REALLY read as many books that will help you as you claim to... have you written any of your goals out by hand... as every mega smart coach I know recommends... as I do?

Naturally you would love to make the big bucks... lose weight... get the beautiful blond... yet have you ruled out trying to start with a simple goal... just to get one goal under your belt? 

If push comes to shove... are you truly willing to work and invest in "yourself"... do you do all the research you need to do... or do you find yourself just doing fluff to fill space in your life?

I find I have to constantly update or improve my style and even my writing process at LEAST once every six months... I also find I have got to re evaluate some of the projects I have undertaken... adapt them to changing circumstances... constantly read and study the latest developments... because learning is a constant process and if you do not keep it up... you will be out of date and obsolete pretty fast in this constantly Dynamic World.

The world is continually marching forward and evolving... I cannot imagine anyone else escapes that fact... are there more obstacles than these?

Of course there are. 

Yet starting here would be a very good start on your road to success and personal stardom.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth! 

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