3 Dynamic Qualities Of Men And Women Who Create Dynamic Change 

By Ange Fonce

Change and  transformation are not easy for the majority of men and women... and can be very challenging as it requires rewiring people's minds and the way they think. 

Yet... there are men and women who are DYNAMIC... who drive through change and transform individuals... organizations... cultures and societies.

How do they do this?
Because it means “educating” people to think and experience life a different way... and that is NOT a simple task.

In the history of humanity... there are plenty of examples of people who brought forth "transformative change"... who faced plenty of resistance... persecution and negativity to what they were proposing... they did so fearlessly... never giving up... never backing down... often facing great deprivation and often physical harm... and in some cases... sadly... death... they were killed. 

So the question becomes... 

What is the motivation... the inspiration... the commitment... the “dynamics” of their humanity that drives people like that?

In my own work and the work of others... there are 3 "personality traits" common to these Dynamic men and women who drive "transformation change."

First... Courage...

Such men and women possess the courage to explore the unexplored... they ask “questions” to gain knowledge... insight and understanding of what is “unknown” to the majority... they seek “evidence” to support what they learn... they do not blindly go with commonly held beliefs.

They posses the courage to defy the naysayers... they possess courage to persist when the whole world seems to be against you.

Men and women who possess this self defining courage are...

Open to exploring new ideas and are incredibly creative... they are willing to consider all kinds of innovative solutions.

They are willing to experiment... conscientious... persistent and  willing to follow through on their ideas.

They are independent and highly intelligent “thinkers” willing to disagree with what the world perceives as a "norm."

They are often perceived as “disagreeable” people who have something “wrong” with them... they are not somehow... “normal???”

In other words... considered “average.”

Yet... when they get together with other “like minded” thinkers... men and women who are Dynamic in their energy... they thrive in that environment.

Second... The ability to re frame the problem...

Transformation and change requires re imagining every step of the current process... and that includes includes changing the people who are holding on to the past solutions.... are not those who will help you bring the transformation forth... you need people with a fresh outlook and a new mentality... and that often means “letting” people go.

You also have to find innovative ways re frame the problem.... and get round people who “block” you.

In the early 1920s, David Sarnoff was one of the people credited with helping radio become an entertainment necessity v. a luxury... when the outdoor heavyweight championship boxing match between American Jack Dempsey and French challenger Georges Carpentier was dubbed the "Battle of the Century," 

Sarnoff pitched the idea to broadcast the boxing match to the Radio Corporation of America (RCA). 

When they declined to do so... Sarnoff did it himself. 

And so in 1921... they called it "the largest audience in history"... the 300,000 or so people estimated to have heard one of the first radio broadcasts of a special event. 

And suddenly radio was not just an expensive box that brings you the same news that plenty of newspapers did... Radio became a device that brought the world live into your own living room. 

Radio sales exploded and it became mainstream.

What Sarnoff did was re frame the problem of “people” and got round those who “blocked” him... by DOING IT himself.

History and today is full of examples of Dynamic men and women who found ways around people who “blocked” them.

Just because you meet a “brick wall” does not mean you are “blocked”... you can go around it... over it... under it... look for a gateway through or simply and crudely... demolish it.

There is always a “solution” to a block... you just re frame the problem and look at it from a different “perspective.”

There are two positive ways to deal with people who block you...

A... Persuade and influence them onto you side in a positive manner.... which is always the best option.

B... Go round them... politely take them out of the process... if they are not there to help you... what do you need them for?

Third... A sense of urgency...

Dynamic Lifers not only have courage to withstand the naysayers... they posses the vision to re frame the problem... they also possess a sense of urgency... mission and purpose, of getting things done... NOW! 

There has been many men and women who have produced the innovations they themselves did not actually invent... they either copied them or improved the development of them... and because they acted upon the idea... no matter how imperfect it was at the time...they were credited with those inventions first... and reaped the benefits.

Steve Jobs did not invent the mouse... Xerox engineers did... Jobs saw the brilliance of the idea and had to implement it... and he did... by the time Xerox came out with its product... Macintosh had already launched a far superior one. 

What set Jobs apart was his agility and burning desire to get it done.

Bill Gates did not invent Windows... do you know that?

The original version of DOS which Gates and Allen sold to IBM was closely based on the work of another company which Gates bought into... all later versions of DOS and all versions of Windows are not the "invention" of Bill Gates... he was the person who saw the opportunities for all these changes and drove them through. 

So... in short, Bill Gates together with Paul Allen founded Microsoft the company. ..as the guiding technical spirit... he helped drive the development of the Microsoft version of the WIMP user interface. 

Yet... the Windows Icons... Menus... Pointer way of doing things was invented at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre and first popularized by Steve Jobs Apple company. 

It was the combination of these three traits in these men that brought these companies into existence... Apple and Microsoft. 

And that is just 2 of many... many examples.

Some people are creative and not conscientious... they have no ability to execute on the idea... some are great at execution an idea and lack the openness to share and build upon that idea. 

It is also not enough to have ideas and the discipline to carry them out... you have to tune out the naysayers and the rest of the disapproving world... if necessary. 

The last one though, is extremely hard for us humans to do because we naturally crave approval of our peers... and yet the solution to that is very simple... be with “like minded” people who want the same as you do.... other Dynamic Lifers!

Change is so hard for so many men and women because of the difficulty of letting go of the legacy they inherited and was already built... no matter how outdated and obsolete it is. 

Often a persons identity is tied into the old way of thinking... and transformation... innovation and change is a threat to their existence. 

To use a metaphor...

“The view is different from the ivory tower than it is from the streets. “

And that is often what makes the difference... the Dynamic man and woman who has the ability to see both perspectives and link them together and is open to transformation... and is willing and possesses the courage to tear down both for something better even if it means rebuilding from scratch what one has spent years constructing.

To start again when things are not working and create and build something better and GET IT DONE!

As always... leave a man or woman all the "better" for "knowing" you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely


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