2 Mindsets That Are Vital For Social Courting In The Mating Game 

By Ange Fonce

There is one “trait” that is more “important” to your “success” when “courting” men or women than just about anything else and this one “trait” is the “ultimate predictor” of how “successful” you will be with the opposite sex. 

If you ignore this “trait” you will NEVER have much success when “courting”... and if you take this  to heart and do something with it... your success will be transformed.

And... what is this important “trait?”

The trait is "successful habits"...  now just listen and read on... this will all make sense.  

The truth is... both men and women are defined by our “habits”...  when you go out to “socialize” or what I call “social courting”... look at the men and women who seem to be having the most “fun” with members of the opposite sex!

Those men and women have the HABIT of "interacting" with members of the opposite sex in a “fun” and “relaxed” way... and so it is natural and easy for them...  they do not have to use “willpower” or get themselves all “psyched” up to go “mingle” and “socialise” or “socially court” with members of the opposite sex.  

They talk to either men or women all night long because that is what they are used to doing... it is a “habit” one they are totally “comfortable” with... because it is their “natural mindset.”

Let us explore this way of thinking.

For instance... one of my favourite and most powerful mindsets I implemented some years back was switching from Playing Not to Lose to  Playing to Win.

For most of my life I played defence... and that is also in real world football too... I usually played “centre back” to stop the other team scoring goals... yet I also had this “defensive mindset” too when it come to women...  I was more “concerned” with not getting “rejected”... not “failing”... not “feeling embarrassed”... yet there is a HUGE problem with this “mindset”... it  is that when you play "not to lose"... you almost NEVER win too.

Now I am going to switch from English football here to American football and use the “analogy” of the Hail Mary Pass.

Here is the thing with a Hail Mary Pass...  for every 10 times you throw one... you will miss at least 7 or 8 times... yet the other 2... 3 times you throw one you will be in the end zone.... touchdown... and you have thrown the “winning“ game ball!

And that is one of the “major differences” between those men and women who get out and "play" on the field of the “mating game”... and those men and women who "sit on the sidelines."

Those "players" in the “mating game” are not afraid to throw the hail mary pass... and get the “touch down”... they are in the “mating game” to WIN... and feel “totally comfortable” doing that! 

Here is another “mindset” for “social courting”... have you ever heard of the term “social value?” 

Many people tend to think “social value” requires having lots of money... big flash cars and “superficial stuff” like that... that kind of thing is about “social status.”

Your Social Value is “defined” by what you bring to the “moment” the other person is “experiencing” of you... if someone is having “fun around you”...  you can be providing them with more “value” than the man or woman throwing money around.... another way at looking at “social value” is your “likeability factor”... you may not have lots of money... yet you can have lots of personal capital in “social value”... in that other people “genuinely like” being around you and in your company... and that in itself... possessing “high social value”... makes you “attractive!"

There is also the beauty of possessing these “mindsets”... these “habits”...  they apply to all areas of your life... they will make you more money... help you meet more friends... get ahead in your career... attract members of the opposite sex... and live a genuinely better life.

And these “mindsets”... these “habits” are not hard to master.

And here is the best part... if you only implement just one of these “mindsets” and it becomes a “habit”... natural to you... you will still see a MAJOR DIFFERENCE in the way men and women “react” to you and you will “think” and “feel” differently about yourself. 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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