Minute And 30 Seconds

By Ange Fonce

This first article for 2018 takes just 1 minute and 30 seconds to read AND will save you a lot more! 

So let us start and read on...

1... Be Grateful 

Being grateful and giving thanks to all you have from the smallest things to the incredible people in your life changes your state. 

Your state is a vibrational frequency and gratitude is one of the highest frequencies and is a form of love. 

Start with those people and things already in your life, and then move out into the future and give thanks to all the people and things that you would LIKE to come into your life as if they have already happened. 

2... Be Your Own Best Coach

Whilst it is a good idea to have a coach that pushes you and helps you reach your potential, an even better idea is becoming your own coach too. 

The sharpest tool a coach possesses is to ask the right questions at key moments in your life.

And you can do this for yourself too. 

A good idea is to prepare questions to ask when you lose your way.  

Questions like... 

"Based on my values what is the most important thing for me to do right now?" 

"If this situation was actually a blessing in disguise what would that blessing be?" 

"What is a decision I have been putting off now for too long?" 

Questions immediately change what you are focussing on. 

They actually change the picture you are seeing in your head and shift your self-talk too. 

If you do not have pre-prepared questions for those difficult moments you may ask disempowering questions like... 

"Why does this always happen to me?" 

"Why am I always so stupid?" 

"What is wrong with me?" 

The problem with asking questions like these is your mind WILL give you an answer to them and your answer could send you on a downward spiral. 

3... Know What You Want

As daft as it sounds many people have a clearer idea of what they DO NOT want than what they DO want. 

They have an away from attitude rather than a towards attitude. 

For example... 

"I do not want to feel trapped." 

Rather than... 

"I want to continue to experience ever increasing freedom and choice." 

A person who is more focussed on what they wish to avoid is most likely holding onto a past negative experience called a Significant Emotional Event. 

The problem with this way of thinking is the mind gets fixated on constantly looking out for situations where they might get trapped. 

As a result the mind will most likely distort reality and manifest situations where it perceives it is trapped even though it may well not be. 

In this case it is better to resolve the past Significant Emotional Event by creating a new more empowering meaning and letting the situation go. 

4... Trust In Yourself 

Successful people believe and trust in themselves. 

They operate from thinking like... 

"If Jenny can do it, then I can do it." 

They say things like... 

“I have always found a way to succeed in the past so I will succeed at this as long as I keep going.” 

They also fall in love with the process of succeeding and the work required to get there. 

They know the view at the top of the mountain does not last long yet the climb will be an adventure to remember. 


Become the best version of yourself and creating the life you deserve.

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Ange Fonce

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