"Masculinity" A Mans Power of Attraction And Success

When He Is "Aware" Of It! 

By Ange Fonce

CHOICES are what life is about...

I like to "think" I lead a very fulfilling life... I am not saying this to brag at all... because the many proud men who have grown working with me... you understand what this is all about... it is through helping you that I have come to "appreciate" and "understand" my own "masculinity" a lot more... and that is fulfilling to me... I had no idea I would actually be able to make this much of a difference to so many men when I created Dynamic Life Development Systems.

Part of my mission in life is to bring more men and women together through the "empowerment" of men in their Masculinity... not through the degradation or lowering of women... through the "development" and building UP of men.

And let us be “sincere” and “honest” here... many men have been  facing a “social gender” crisis for some time... and many men are aware of it too... with the onset of feminism... most men were whipped and blasted back to... well I would like to say to the "stone age"... and that would actually be an improvement... many men have been knocked back on their butts... and become very confused about the “mating game”... women have drastically changed the rules.

So is the whole “mating game” about "scoring" as many women as you can... or is it about getting just ONE woman... or could it be about BOTH?

There is a big secret I am about to reveal to you... and it is one of the biggest secrets of success in life... and yet a very simple one... more specifically... it is the secret of how to make sure you win at everything you put your “mind” and “invest” your time to... you have to make sure you have got the most important power in a man's life.

This is one thing you cannot ignore if you are going to be “successful” with anything you go after... and that  includes women... here is the simple secret to remember:

A mans SUCCESS depends on having OPTIONS... lots of OPTIONS.

There is a theorem that states that in any situation... if all things are equal... then the person with the most “response options” or “choices” will probably come out on top in any given situation... when you have fewer “options” available to you... you have to work MUCH harder to win in the same situations.

An example...

Let us apply this to something simple... like checkers...  most of you will have played checkers at one time or another.... there are a few variations in the rules... yet overall it is a very simple game to learn.

Have you ever noticed that  unless someone did something STUPID... the person who took the first checker tended to be the one who won... or the person that had the most moves available to them... or the one who managed to block the other persons moves by trapping their pieces from moving... not EVERY time mind you... yet most of the time... those who get to move first... often have things tip quickly to their favour.

The same thing was true in chess too... you could lose a couple of pawns... and if you lost a significant piece like a bishop or rook... the game becomes an uphill battle... by your opponent taking your pieces... they reduced the "number of options" you had available to you... and when you keep as many pieces as you could on the board... you have more OPTIONS available to you to WIN!

In fact... I have another part of this equation for you to remember... Options = Opportunity = The  POWER Of CHOICE!

The same thing is true in almost everything you do... and nowhere is it more “effective” than in the world of the “mating game” and “social interaction”... in other words what I call Social Courting.

This is most clearly understood when you get in one of those conversations with a woman and you run into that dreaded “uncomfortable pause”... you know... where she says something... and you know you now have to run with the ball... yet … silence... crickets chirp... and desert tumble weed blows past... and you feel that sick and “uncomfortable feeling” grow inside as you know the longer you wait... the worse it gets... and the longer you wait... the more pressure you feel... and the less you feel like you can respond... because now you are both aware that no one is talking... and it is getting worse and worse and worse... and now you feel more pressure and ... AAAAAHHH!

You are screaming on the inside... and you are barely smiling on the outside... as she tells you she needs to get going and meet someone somewhere... it was nice meeting you... blah... blah...blah... you run out of “options”... because you were “limited” in your "choices" in the first place...  have you been there before? 

When that silence starts... it is like you opened up a Pandora's Box of “anxiety” and “frustration” and “fear”... and now you cannot get them back in again... you feel a strange pressure around the middle of your chest too... those “emotions” of “dread... fear... anxiety” have a PHYSICAL counterpart too... and your “experiencing” them in that “silence” with her... if only you had more things to talk about with this woman that you could use... this is where “options” and “choices” help you out again... when you have “prepared for the event beforehand”... no situation will catch you by surprise or off guard.

Great military leaders knew this... and that is why they prepared and prepared and prepared for any situation... then when the “unexpected” came up... they had OPTIONS... alternate plans to "act" upon and deal these situations.

You have “options” too... probably ones you are not even aware of... AND you can even learn how to make sure YOU are the one with the “options” when it comes to your life and women... not just to get women... also the “option” of what you do with the ones you “attract”... and not just with women... with your career and success in life too.

Whether you are searching for one or for many... that “choice” is YOURS... there is also nothing wrong with “courting” a lot of women to find the one you really want... do not lock yourself down too soon to “limiting” your “options”... because you will lose “perspective”... and damage your “confidence”... and your sense of “social value.”

I think that most men want to find ONE woman... and we want the “confidence” and “power” to “know” that we COULD have more... when we want to.... and again... that comes back to having CHOICES and OPTIONS... men like to  feel secure in their Masculine Power to “attract” and  “interest” the women they desire.

I am not going to tell you that this SHOULD NOT be this way... or that you have been some how brainwashed in some way... I would like that men did not have to "think"... and “feel” like so much of their “personal confidence”... and “esteem” was linked and tied to their “success” with women... the problem is... so many men do... and that cripples the very essence of what women find “attractive” and are drawn too... a Mans Masculinity!

That Masculine... Feminine Polarity and “connection”... is what helps our species create the next generation.... this drive  for “sexual” connection with the opposite sex is necessary for our survival.

Do keep your "options" open... your eyes on your goals and what you want to “create” for your life... anyone that tells you that you cannot “develop” and “improve” your life is a fool... such people will tell you what you WANT to hear so that you do not have to assume “responsibility” for programming your own "mind" and "create" your own destiny... and you will end up “second guessing” yourself all the time.

Did I do the right thing? 

Should I have asked someone first? 

Should I have waited?

The sad fact is that many men never get anywhere in life because they refuse to put their foot down and DO anything of merit... to take a risk... to dare to step away from the crowd... and make up their OWN minds... they avoid making decisions in the deluded “thinking” that it helps them avoid “failure”... and instead they wind up never “enjoying” any form of “success”... which is “failure” by default.

Then these same men sit back and crush all of your dreams... “pretending” they know it all already... they are the “cynics” of the world... the critics who belittle everyone else who dares to go after what they want in life.

I have a saying...

"Those who have given up on themselves will do their best to discourage you from “creating” your own success."

Make up your own “mind” and develop your own "opinions"... and make your own "choices" in life... do not let ANYONE steal away the POWER of your Masculinity... and YOUR TRUST in yourself and what you want to achieve with your life..

All it takes is one “simple step” to start making that “transition” in your life to start living in your own Masculine Essence... a Man with many “options”... starting right NOW!

I will finish this article and leave you with this thought...

“A Masculine Man is never the product of his environment... he is the CREATOR of his environment.”

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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